March 07, 2012

Harman introduces the personalised dashboard at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show

Imagine a car that automatically adjusts to every driver’s tastes and preferences, harnesses a universe of personalised entertainment and information from the web, and makes your drive time easier, safer, and more productive by learning your driving routes and

Imagine all these capabilities available to a driver without the need to turn a dial, touch a screen, or even utter a word. This vision of a personalised, context-aware driving experience is brought to life by Harman, the leading provider of premium infotainment and audio solutions, through revolutionary customisable infotainment technologies on-board the Dock+Go concept vehicle.

Developed in partnership with automaker Rinspeed, the Dock+Go mobility concept delivers a personalised interface between the driver, the car, and the connected and digital world around it. Harman has created a new 'context-aware' infotainment system concept that creates a virtual personalised dashboard for the driver. The system combines advanced smartphone integration technologies, cloud-based Aha platform, and flexible human-machine interface (HMI) design including gesture recognition, to deliver media-rich digital content into the car in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner, without compromising safety.

"The Dock+Go concept epitomises Harman’s promise to deliver automotive infotainment solutions that are connected, green and safe, and also addresses further market trends including individualisation and sharing," explains Michael Mauser, Executive Vice-President and Co-President, Infotainment and Lifestyle. "Harman has contributed its groundbreaking high-performance technologies like Aha, personalised HMI and learning navigation to this vision of the future and co-designed the new customisable concept."

The infotainment concept in the Dock+Go uses the driver's smartphone to store preferences regarding personalised content. As soon as the driver enters the vehicle, it connects with the driver’s smartphone and uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to recognise the users saved preferences such as: seat positions, favorite music and settings for the Harman HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis system, the preferred HMI visualisations, emails, contacts and calendar entries as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts via the Aha platform.


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