April 13, 2012

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are!

With this thought came by the concept of 'Bikers for Good', a platform created by bikers to help out the society. Bikers for Good are a group of bikers who believe in giving back to the society. Sharing a passion for two wheels, Bikers for Good has grown from just
one man to more than 600 members in the past 6 months.

On April 14, 2012, once again Bikers for Good comes upfront for the female fraternity.

On this day, numerous Bikers in Delhi shall get together for the safety and empowerment of women. Calling it 'The Black Ride', bikers will be riding together from South Ext-II till ACBI Blind School, Gurgaon to promote a safer and better tomorrow for women in the National Capital.

The ride has once again been initiated by Mohit Ahuja, the man behind Bikers for Good. On being asked about the ride, Mohit commented, “At Bikers for Good we don’t believe in talking. Instead we take actions. Our next ride is called The Black Ride for two reasons. Firstly it is for the women who are living in really unsafe circumstances. The ride is to spread a message that women shall not live in fear or darkness. Instead they shall have a bolder and stronger life, hence the color black. On the other hand, the ride is also about the visually challenged who see nothing but black.”

The Black Ride will be an early morning Saturday ride that will show how the love for two wheels can also help bring a change. However, on being asked about the dual purpose it has, Mohit said, “It really isn’t a dual purpose. I have always said that the ride is for the visually challenged. And, when I mean visually challenged, I first think about us. All of us, even you, have a habit of turning a blind eye to all that is happening around you. Till the time it doesn’t happen to your sister or your mother, you really do not care!”

To add to this, the bikers will be taking a pledge to ensure a safer tomorrow for the women. Further, adding to the excitement will be the 'Strings of Change', a live performance by Delhi-based band 'Reverse Poets' to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.


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