April 18, 2012

Lancia has chosen the famous Italian director for a new across-the-board communications project

For 2012, Lancia has chosen an original across-the-board communications project, which in addition to a series of TV commercials, web versions and a press campaign focusing on various subjects, will include a short written and directed by
the famous Italian director Gabriele Muccino. The foundation of the communication campaign, devised by the Armando Testa agency, is the contemporary re-interpretation of the Italian way of life – a philosophy of life that invites you to enjoy every moment of your existence with elegance, creativity, imagination and unadulterated Italian style.

The natural set of the project is Italy, and specifically Rome, a city with a magic which merges past and present and offers the contemporary Italian experience of 'la dolce vita' in its various guises.

In addition to a series of TV commercials dedicated to the various Lancia models, digital versions and a press and outdoor campaign with a very fashion-conscious style, the advertising project will includes a short – the title of which will be revealed soon – also written and directed by Gabriele Muccino, who tells an all-Italian story, just like Lancia’s, narrating common and extraordinary tales with his unmistakable light-heartedness and magic touch.

Stars of the short are Sicilian actor Francesco Scianna, who featured in Giuseppe Tornatore’s 'Baaria', and young up-and-coming actress Helena Mattsson, who flew in from the United States to be directed by Gabriele Muccino. The Lancia models will be at their side, elegant divas and fitting representatives of a car maker which has been putting cars on the roads of Europe with confidence and class for more than a century. 

The short produced by Lancia will be screened at the forthcoming Venice International Film Festival, an event that the brand will be supporting as Main Sponsor for the seventh year. With this unprecedented project, Lancia is reasserting its historic connection with the world of cinema and its desire to lead in the field of communications, a trait which has always been in its blood.

The first commercial, on air now, features the Lancia Delta Ecochic equipped with the new LPG 1.4-litre, 120 hp engine, the only turbo LPG engine in its category. The Musa and five-door Ypsilon complete the bifuel petrol/LPG range. In the background are the famous Tuscan hills, an evocative location which charms both Italian and international viewers. Similarly, the locations chosen for the other commercials, which will follow over the coming months, all conjure up quintessentially Italian atmospheres and are immediately recognisable by viewers in all the markets where the Lancia range is sold.

A campaign with an international vocation, in brief. The next two commercials will star the Lancia Voyager, the benchmark of the large minivan segment, and the five-door Lancia Ypsilon, which is confirmed as the 'fashion city-car' par excellence. The new pay-off, 'Eleganza in movimento dal 1906' ('Elegance in motion since 1906'), is common to the entire campaign and puts the emphasis on the heritage of the brand and its refined, elegant style.


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