May 22, 2012

A car security system that outsmarts any car thief

Now, there is no need to worry about the safety of your car if you have left it in a public parking lot or on the street overnight. The new security systems; CarConnect, launched by Ariene Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can keep your car secure from the most clever car thief.

There are many car security systems in the market that raise an alarm as soon as there is an unauthorised entry in a car. Unfortunately car thieves have been able to circumvent the security features and still make a clean getaway. This is evident from the fact that car thefts are on the rise.

The new electronic security systems that have been recently launched by Ariene Technologies have thought about almost everything to keep your car secure quite simply. One of the innovative features of these unique products is that it will alert you with a text message on your mobile instantly as an intruder even tries to open the door of the car. You could then take immediate action by stopping the car while it is standstill or running and immobilises the vehicle. The unexpecting car thief would be trying to restart the car when you can reach it with the police in tow. These are only few of the many other features developed for vehicle protection by Ariene Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that can keep you relaxed at all times.

These newly launched car security products; CarConnect, that have taken two years of hard work in design and development, are master pieces that combine the skills of experienced automobile, security and software engineers of the company. The security features of these products are many and have been carefully thought over to cover all eventualities. Ease of use and reliability are the two main considerations along with low maintenance and operating costs that make the products the most ideal security systems that can be fitted into any car.

The unique property of these security systems is the use of the mobile phone. SMS or text message on mobile phone has been kept as the mode of alert because a mobile phone has become an appendage to all urban human beings. All the functions of the gadgets can be controlled by means of text message or SMS. You will get all alerts about intrusions via SMS, you can lock or unlock the vehicle using SMS, you can activate or deactivate the system via SMS, you can know the system status via SMS and you can also stop the car in running mode by SMS or immobilise the vehicle completely.

Ariene Technologies has gone all out to make the security features of these newly launched products; CarConnect completely foolproof and yet give full access and ease of use to the car owner to control the system via SMS from wherever he or she is. Other advanced features include visual alerts, Vehicle location, password protection of the owner control etc.

“I got this fantastic car security system that has features that are just hard-to-believe. After I have fitted my car with CarConnect Basic, I can sleep in peace without worrying. As my car has no secure parking place but has to be parked on the main road, I always feared that it would be stolen or my expensive music system in the car will vanish like my neighbor’s did. The demo of this CarConnect security system itself was so reassuring that I bought it immediately and the best part is that it does not require some tech-savvy nerd to control it; a simple set of SMSs does it all. Now my car is fully secure,” says Irfan Khan from Delhi.

Ajay Kumar, CEO, Ariene Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are proud to launch innovative and much-needed car security products; CarConnect Basic and CarConnect Ultra in the market. Our team of technocrats has been able to converge many hi-tech systems and develop new products that require almost no maintenance; very low operating cost, are reliable and can be fully controlled by means of SMS of the user. These new products are built to outsmart any car thief and provide security which is almost impossible to breach. With an SMS alert the user knows that there has been an intrusion and with a single SMS to the system the user can stop a running vehicle or make it immobile. This kind of ease of use has never been incorporated into commercial car security systems before. I congratulate my team for these great products.”


ARIENE said...

Good News. With the rising incidents of car theft in all the major cities across the country this would really be a wonder product. Good work Ariene Technologies.

Mazhar Khan said...

TECHNOLOGY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE... THANX TO Ariene Technologies car connect

Mazhar Khan said...

Secure your vehicle With Ariene Technologies...

Anonymous said...

May be car theft cases will go down with the use of this technological advancment in car security

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