May 17, 2012

Daimler appoints Nayif Demirkaya as Head of FleetBoard’s Customer Service Management

Nayif Demirkaya is, with immediate effect, responsible for Daimler FleetBoard’s Customer Service and Support. The internationally experienced expert for customer service in the mobile telephony business, born in 1971, is fluent in four languages
and for 10 years he has successfully managed the worldwide service and support of Sony Ericsson. This is proved by multiple national and international awards for customer satisfaction in business and end customer business.

The introduction of ‘FleetBoard inside’, the standard installation of the vehicle computer in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, led to an escalating increase of the FleetBoard customer base. For that reason a strong focus is now on an excellent, international service quality for FleetBoard customers. In future there will be a contact person (single point of contact) for hardware and software topics encompassing all FleetBoard’s customer contact issues: from technical support to installation questions right through to quality management and FleetBoard’s order processing centre. Demirkaya reports directly to the company’s board of management, so that their ear is always very close to the customers.

“With Nayif Demirkaya we have gained a professional for the management of our service and support team," clarifies Markus Lipinsky, Managing Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH. "He has the experience it takes to ensure the timely and competently processing of customer queries and complaints. Furthermore he and his team will continuously improve the quality of FleetBoard’s customer service. We are aiming for a top level of customer satisfaction in our telematics peer group.“

The FleetBoard service team has been increased by 70 per cent in order to achieve a maximum customer satisfaction. Issues will be processed within 24 hours. By June 1, 2012 customers can turn to the company via country-specific telephone numbers. That’s how FleetBoard customers enjoy a better availability and quicker processing of their requests over a wide area.


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