May 23, 2012

Nissan brings 30 minute charging to electric vehicle owners in Holland and France

Nissan has unveiled its first electric vehicle Quick Chargers in France and the Netherlands. The Quick Chargers are the first of 400 free units, which have been manufactured and donated across Europe by Nissan, allowing any compliant electric vehicle to be recharged
to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes.

In the Netherlands, the charger forms the first part of a 40 unit network, which will mean the majority of Dutch motorists will be within 30 km of a Quick Charger, anywhere in the country. The first Nissan unit is being installed on a commercial office estate, which is close to a strategic motorway junction in the central town of Amersfoort. Nissan has donated 400 of its new Quick Chargers across Europe, to create networks which will enable Nissan Leaf and other ChadeMo compliant electric vehicle customers to travel further.

The first French Quick Charger has been installed at a Cora supermarket, in the town of Haguenau, which will be the first of the six charger network for the Alsace region. Alsace has been selected due to its strong commitment to electric vehicles, with an additional €5,000 from the regional government on top of the €5,000 ecological bonus from the French government. In total France will install 40 Quick Chargers across the country, with details of other locations to be revealed in the coming months.

Oliver Paturet, General Manager of Zero-Emission Strategy for Nissan Europe is delighted to see the first chargers installed, commenting, "The installation of these first ChadeMo compliant Quick Chargers is an important moment for zero-emission mobility in Europe. With the 400 chargers we have donated and the thousands our partners will install over the coming years, electric vehicle ownership will be opened up to a larger number of people in Europe. We are helping to develop more networks, like the one in the Netherlands, which means customers will never be too far away from a Quick Charger unit."

"In the coming months we will reveal our plans for inter-country, national and regional quick charging networks," he continued.

The installation of the Quick Chargers is taking place during Nissan's digital and social engagement campaign ‘The Big Turn On', which is aiming to collect 1-million ‘turn ons' or pledges to 100 per cent electric driving, with the total passing 834,000 on day 50. The campaign is aimed at highlighting the many benefits of electric vehicles and debunking the myths that surround them. The Nissan Quick Chargers help to answer the concerns that some motorists have around vehicle driving range, which is easily and quickly extended with these devices.

The Nissan Quick Charger is a Direct Current design that conforms to the ChadeMo charging standard. It has been designed and engineered by Nissan to be smaller and cheaper than existing units and is TUV and CE approved to assist widespread installation. This charger can be made compatible with Renault's AC 43 kw fast charging system, and both systems will be offered together for future network expansion.


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