May 09, 2012

World record holder covers 76.44-metres/second in new Jaguar XJ

World Record hurdler and Jaguar Academy of Sport Ambassador Colin Jackson has hit a new personal record of 171 mph in the new 510 ps Jaguar XJ Speed Pack at the Jaguar Proving Ground in Warwickshire.

In 1994, Jackson set an as yet unbeaten time of 7.3 seconds
over the 60-metre hurdles. Travelling at 171 mph in the XJ Supersport Speed, he covered an incredible 558.04-metres in this time. Indeed, to cover 60-metres, the XJ took less than a second.

An elated Jackson commented, "That's a new record for me – the car was incredibly stable and quiet, it really felt totally at ease with travelling at such enormous speeds. We pulled more the 1G in deceleration – it was quite a ride!"

Colin Jackson was attending a private event at Jaguar's engineering headquarters at Gaydon where all the current and future products are put through their paces.


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