June 21, 2012

BharatBenz brings modern truck technology onto India's roads

Daimler AG has set a further milestone in its efforts to open up the Indian truck market. As planned, the Group’s subsidiary Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) commenced series production of BharatBenz trucks. Between now and 2014, the brand
that was specifically created for the Indian market will launch a total of 17 models, covering the entire weight segment from six to 49-tons GVW. DICV’s product range will meet the rising demand for durable and reliable trucks and prepare the subsidiary for the strong growth expected in the modern domestic segment. The brand’s first product is a heavy-duty truck with 25-tons GVW and an output of 230 hp.

The start of production is the latest in a series of measures that DICV is implementing as it prepares to deal with the increasing demand for state-of-the-art trucks in India’s volume segment. The Chennai manufacturing plant was inaugurated in April after a record construction time of only 24 months. Since early May, BharatBenz trucks have been taking part in a more than 8,000-km-long 'Power Yatra' trip through all of India. During the tour, they will stop in 22 major cities to promote people’s interest in the new brand. The BharatBenz trucks will be launched on the market in September 2012, when the first vehicles will be handed over to customers through a nationwide network of approximately 70 dealerships.

A revolution for India - in more ways than one
On the occasion of the start of production, Marc Llistosella, CEO and Managing Director of DICV, referred to the immense performance both Indian and German employees showed to turn the company’s engagement into a success. "The fact that today’s launch of series production sets another milestone only a few weeks after the plant opening underpins that our project is well underway," he said.

At the same time, Llistosella underscored the company's ambition of revolutionising India’s roads with its state-of-the-art BharatBenz trucks. "In addition to cutting-edge technology, we're also relying on our high ethical standards as we strive to achieve this goal. Suppliers, dealers, and other business partners all appreciate that our activities are both transparent and fair," said Llistosella.


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