June 07, 2012

Mazda begins training employees of Mexico plant in Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation launched a training program for employees of Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (MMMdM) plant. MMMdM is Mazda's manufacturing joint-venture. The new plant is currently under construction in Mexico.

An opening
ceremony for the training program was held at Mazda's headquarters in Hiroshima. The first group of trainees, consisting of 12 employees who will be managers in production departments at the Mexican facility, participated in the ceremony. The course begins with a tour of the Mazda Museum and classes on health and safety. While in Japan the participants will study Mazda's manufacturing methods, quality control standards, and leadership skills through hands-on, practical training. On the weekends, trainees will participate in various events in order to get to know other Mazda employees and people from the local community.

Mazda will host approximately 180 employees from Mexico, divided into several groups, throughout the fiscal year ending (FYE) March 2014. The trainees will fulfill engineering, supervisory and managerial positions at MMMdM. Some will participate in six-week long Japanese language and culture programs organised by Japan's Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association prior to starting training at Mazda's headquarters.

"The new plant is being constructed for the purpose of enhancing Mazda's business in Mexico and Central and South America and will be a key production facility for the company's future global business. I sincerely hope that each one of you, having undertaken extended training at Mazda's headquarters, will fulfill your leadership role in Mexico with pride and confidence," said Mazda's Managing Executive Officer, Keishi Egawa.


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