June 21, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Intouro now available for Western Europe

Mercedes-Benz is now adding the Intouro regular-service bus to its Western European portfolio of buses and coaches. The model in question is a rural-service bus which has already proven highly popular in many Central and Eastern European countries as well
as in France and Portugal since its start of production and launch in 2007, with over 3,500 built to date. The company is thereby capitalising on the flexibility of its international production network to quickly respond to the changes in demand in this price-sensitive segment of Western European markets.

Economical overall concept based around proven components
Intouro is the name given to an economical high-floor vehicle that has been specially designed for rural-service applications such as rural regular-service use, regular school-bus services and internal company transport. In order to deliver rapid and sustained profitability, the Intouro’s economical purchase and operating costs add up to outstanding value for money. Long-lasting components, robust technology and a standard equipment package aimed principally at rural-service use are the defining characteristics of the Intouro fully-equipped bus.

This two-axle, two-door vehicle is available in two lengths (the Intouro, measuring 12.14 m, and the Intouro M, measuring 12.98 m) and seats 55 or 59 passengers. It is manufactured by Daimler’s Turkish subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. at the state-of-the-art Hosdere plant near Istanbul.

Both variants of the Mercedes-Benz Intouro are powered by a vertically mounted Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres. In its standard form, it has an output of 210 kw (286 hp) and maximum torque of 1,120 nm at an engine speed of 1,200-1,600 rpm. The powerful turbodiesel engine with BlueTec diesel technology based on the SCR principle complies with the EU's Euro-V emissions standard and can optionally be specified in an EEV version (available without diesel particulate filter). Positioned centrally, the engine can be accessed easily for maintenance work. Power transmission is performed by a Mercedes-Benz GO 110 six-speed manual transmission. The OM 457 hLA, with 220 kw (299 hp) and ZF EcoLife automatic transmission, is available as an option.

Like all other Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, the Intouro can count on the tight-knit, Europe-wide Omniplus service network for its servicing and maintenance needs, as well as on the many Mercedes-Benz authorised dealers and company-owned sales and service outlets.


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