July 13, 2012

Bohemia Rally to see complete Skoda Motorsport team in action

Taking place in the surroundings of Mlada Boleslav over the upcoming weekend, the Bohemia Rally will see the Skoda Motorsport team at full strength - the list of participants includes the leaders of both the Czech and the European Championships,
i.e. Jan Kopecky & Pavel Dresler and Juho Hanninen & Mikko Markkula, respectively. Both factory crews are looking forward to a fierce battle near Mlada Boleslav, the town of Skoda cars, and Kopecky & Dresler may celebrate the Czech Championship title after the sixth event of this year's series.

"Mlada Boleslav is the heart of the Skoda world, as well as of the Skoda Motorsport team," says Head of the Skoda Motorsport team Michal Hrabanek. "Mlada Boleslav is the cradle of Skoda and also the place that saw the brand's first motorsport efforts 111 years ago. That is why appearing at the Bohemia Rally is very special for our team. The track will be surrounded by many fans, as well as many colleagues of ours who support our motorsport activities. We'd like to show them a top-class performance to thank them for what they do for us, and celebrating Jan & Pavel's championship title would certainly be an icing on the cake."

Kopecky & Dresler are the hottest favourites for winning the Czech Rally Championship, because they have won all of the first five events of this year's series. Considering their great results so far, Jan Kopecky is confident before the sixth event: "Obviously, our ambition is to put in the best possible performance in Skoda's home territory. The idea of celebrating the championship title in Mlada Boleslav is an absolute dream for us, but it will be no pleasure cruise, we know that 'Bohemia' is a very difficult rally. Anyway, we will do our best to win a podium place."

The other factory crew are also looking forward to Skoda's home rally; "Bohemia is a difficult rally with a number of very fast stretches, but it's indeed a lovely event," says Juho Hanninen who won this rally in 2009 and 2010. "We have lovely memories of the Bohemia Rally and we want to finish as high as possible also this year."

The Bohemia Rally is regarded as one of the most difficult but also one of the most enjoyable events of the Czech Championship. The programme includes 16 special stages (197 km).


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