July 16, 2012

Nissan gains inspiration from unexpected place

A team of designers and product planners from Nissan recently landed in Pensacola, Fla. to visit the United States Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron training facility. The objective of their mission was simple - find inspiration.

The Nissan personnel
observed the Blue Angels squadron in action, and then met with both ground crew and pilots to explore ways of harnessing the command's speed and power for use in future automotive products. These Blue Angels team members were then given an opportunity to drive some of Nissan's performance products.

The Nissan team was also able to ask Blue Angels pilots about how they interact with their gauges and instruments in different situations to gather insight for the development of future vehicles. The Blue Angels pilots and ground crew also gave the Nissan team feedback on the exteriors, interiors and ride and handling of the Nissan vehicles on hand.

"We're always looking for inspiration beyond the auto industry in the design and development of our performance vehicles, and the Blue Angels have set the standard for high-speed excellence throughout their 66-year history. It was beneficial not only to study the designs of the 'Angels' F-18s up close but to get an understanding of how pilots and service personnel interact with their jets," said Jared Haslam, Senior Manager, Product Planning – Nissan Americas. 

The Nissan personnel returned with a number of creative ideas and actionable items from both a design and product development standpoint. Many of these concepts will provide inspiration that will eventually be passed along to Nissan customers.

"We are thankful to the US Navy and the Blue Angels for their overall service to the nation and for the professionalism, hospitality and inspiration given to the Nissan team on our recent visit," added Jared.


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