August 21, 2012

Toyota's TABC plant celebrates 40 years of manufacturing in California

Toyota Auto Body California, Inc., (TABC), Toyota's first manufacturing investment in the US, celebrated its 40th anniversary with team members, government and community officials, suppliers and

TABC, originally known as Atlas Fabricators, contracted with Toyota in 1972 to produce truck beds for vehicles destined for the US. Two years later, Toyota purchased the operations and renamed it TABC, becoming the first manufacturing investment in the US for Toyota.

Today, TABC employs 470 and its investment tops US$ 270-million. It produces stamped and welded parts, steering columns and catalytic converters for a number of Toyota's vehicle assembly plants in North America and Japan and tests, inspects and repackages end-of-life hybrid vehicle batteries.

"The spirit of family is what makes TABC unique," said Atsushi Niimi, Executive Vice-President and Member of the Board of Toyota Motor Corporation. "As our first manufacturing plant in the US, TABC's rich history represents Toyota's commitment to outstanding teamwork and continuous improvement."

"TABC has played a vital role in Toyota's formula for success in the US," said Mike Bafan, President of TABC. "And our mission was clear; to set the stage for Toyota's growth by building the best products. And over these 40 years, we have proven ourselves as a world-class manufacturer with an outstanding workforce that's dedicated to safety and quality."


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