September 15, 2012

Best August in Skoda Auto's history; deliveries rise 12.1 per cent to 67,700 units

Skoda Auto posts a success as the brand reports a 12.1 per cent year-on-year increase in worldwide deliveries in August 2012 for a total of over 67,700 units. This is also the best August figure in the company's history. From January through August 2012, Skoda's deliveries
to customers rose by 8.5 per cent to over 633,300 (January through August 2012: 583,600).

"Skoda has further improved its position in the markets in August," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "We have outperformed the market in almost all sales regions, despite an environment that is becoming more and more difficult. Despite stronger headwinds from the market, we hope we can continue to grow in the future," says Eichhorn. The new Skoda Rapid will be making an important contribution in this respect. This new compact saloon will see its world debut at the Paris Auto Salon in late September. Skoda's most recent offspring is to be launched on European markets in October 2012.

Bucking the market trend, Skoda grew in Western Europe in August 2012. As the overall market declined by 8.3 per cent, Skoda deliveries advanced 1.2 per cent to over 21,700 (August 2011: 21,400). Estimates say Skoda's market share grew to 3.25 per cent in August. "What we have shown in Western Europe is that you can sell cars even in cyclical downturns provided you have the right product. Clever, good cars at an attractive price is what we make, and these qualities are especially paying off now," says Eichhorn. In Germany, Europe's strongest individual market, the brand’s sales rose by 10.1 per cent to 9,200. An estimated market share of more than four per cent in August again makes Skoda Germany's strongest automobile importer. In Great Britain, Skoda deliveries increased by 11.7 per cent in the same period.

Skoda posted repeated strong growth in Eastern Europe in August 2012 as sales rose 53.2 per cent year on year to a total of 11,300 (August 2011: 7,300). This stronger-than-the-market growth increased Skoda's market share in Eastern Europe to 4.07 per cent in August (August 2011: 2.83 per cent). Once again, Russia proved Eastern Europe's strongest market in August 2012 as Skoda increased sales in the country by 68.3 per cent to 8,300 (August 2011: 4,900). Skoda's Russian market share in August jumped from 2.39 to 3.54 per cent.

Skoda also fared well in Eastern Central Europe as the brand sales grew by 8.3 per cent to 8,500 in August 2012: These improved Skoda's market share to 18.16 per cent (August 2011: 15.90 per cent). As car sales in Skoda's home market the Czech Republic declined overall, Skoda's sales rose by 6.2 per cent to 4,300 in August 2012 (August 2011: 4,000).

Skoda kept growing on the Chinese market in August 2012 as sales rose 4.5 per cent year-on-year to about 19,700 (August 2011: 18,800).

In August, Skoda's sales in India increased by 8.8 per cent to over 2,200 (August 2011: 2,100). Consequently, Skoda's market share in India rose to 1.37 per cent. At 1,400 sold, the compact saloon the Skoda Rapid accounted for close to two-thirds of Skoda sales in India in August. The Rapid has been a success in the country since the introduction of an Indian variant in late 2011.

Skoda brand deliveries to customers in August 2012 (in units, rounded, by models; +/- in per cent year on year):
Skoda Octavia (30,200; +11.7 per cent)
Skoda Fabia (15,200; -18.7 per cent)
Skoda Superb (8,400; +3.1 per cent)
Skoda Yeti (6,400; +60.5 per cent)
Skoda Roomster (2,900; +12.2 per cent)
Skoda Rapid (sold in India only: 1,400; new model)
Skoda Citigo (sold in Europe only: 3,000; new model)

Skoda UK has sold over 34,000 units August YTD, a 16 per cent increase from the same YTD period in 2011.


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