September 07, 2012

The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection for Autumn/Winter 2012; Look like a star

A sense of sporty elegance is the distinguishing feature of the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection for autumn/winter 2012. A total of ten new models are on offer, characterised as ever by their high functional quality. Incorporated into the frames using
a die-stamping process, the legendary Mercedes-Benz star adorns each of the models making up of the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection. Developed by Mercedes-Benz and their cooperation partner Rodenstock, the glasses
are available now from specialist retailers.

The new models feature an understated, modern design or an impressive classic look with matt/gloss effects. Highlights of the autumn/winter collection include the M2022 spectacles with stylish titanium sheet rim. As a particular eye-catching feature, the refined frame design has a fine, integrated spring hinge, reflecting the attention to detail. Available in classic colours such as black, dark blue, titanium grey and gold, they are bound to make the most discerning of wearers stand out from the crowd. The spectacle frames M2016, M2017 and M2018 also boast optimum wearing comfort thanks to their excellent finish and the use of materials such as extremely light pure titanium and highly customisable frames.

With an exceptionally fine frame design, the new M2024 spectacle frames and the M2025 Nylor variant, in which the lenses are held in place with a nylon thread, not only provide a stylish look - they are also particularly comfortable to wear thanks to their flexible frames. The M1013 and M1014 sunglasses, made of stainless steel, are technically impressive: the precisely finished hinges close with an extremely flush fit.

Those who, in addition to the timeless style of the aviator look, also attach particular importance to maximum visual comfort when driving on long journeys, will not go wrong with the M1021 and M1022 sunglasses. Both models are available as part of the Drivers Edition and, thanks to Suncontrast lenses, help to ensure outstanding high-contrast visibility.

The sunglasses from Mercedes-Benz provide optimum UV protection and meet the international standards DIN EN 1836, ANSI Z 80.3 and AS NZS 1067.

An eye on quality – in car production and for glasses
Mercedes-Benz glasses are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality checks as the company's car production. And when it comes to manufacturing the frames, quality management starts long before the actual production process. Even at the development stage, Rodenstock performs extensive tests on new frames. Every single component of the initial samples is checked thoroughly to ensure it meets quality requirements. Special machines and equipment are used to test the components' long-term reliability, for example the stability of the hinge function even after the arms have been folded and unfolded several thousand times. Once a model has gone on sale, a monitoring process kicks in, where every complaint is logged and appropriate optimisation measures are put in place immediately. 


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