September 25, 2012

Volkswagen showcases Golf in Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen's exhibition stand at the Paris Motor Show will be putting the spotlight on the new Golf. 'Volkswagen Hyperdrive', as the stand is called, functions as a large interactive stage with film projections, lighting displays and visitor interaction devoted to the new
Golf experience. Apart from the new model, which will be showcased in different equipment lines, Volkswagen is also presenting many other exhibits such as various versions of the up!, the CC, the Beetle and several R-Line models at its 2,763 sq m stand.

"Our stand at the Paris Motor show has emotionality and a customer focus as well as providing the optimum setting for showcasing the new Golf," says Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications, Volkswagen brand. "To achieve that, we have once again broken new ground as regards the stand architecture, exhibits and communications."

The Hyperdrive's three-dimensional supporting structure is 90 m long and has an area of 998 sq m; the visitors' zones inside this structure take up the themes of the different stages to the marketing campaign. Visitors are welcomed to the stand with an original French 'macaron' and then enter the 'Onething' section where they can find out more about the seven personal questions that feature in the first part of the Golf campaign. They then move on to the 'Excitement Zone', which presents a lavish film about the new Golf.

It is the 'Feature Lab', a 30 m interactive area that brings together the real-life and the media vehicle presentations, which forms the heart of the exhibition performance. Laser radar technology similar to a giant tablet PC allows visitors to enjoy their individual experience of the product innovations. The final zone, the technology-oriented 'Innovation Cell', introduces visitors to sustainability at Volkswagen, technologies and innovations.

In terms of its architecture, Volkswagen Hyperdrive picks up typical design elements of the new Golf such as the more prominent tornado line, the striking fuel cap and the A and C pillars. "The iconic and classic design of the new Golf has inspired the Hyperdrive's architecture," Perosino said. 


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