October 16, 2012

From concept to reality... to virtual reality

They said it was impossible. They said it would never happen. Today's the day that the Juke-R doubters are silenced, as the production version #001 emerges from the pit garage - in both real and virtual worlds.

The first super-exclusive Juke-R
road car has been built and tested, while the thrilling Nissan has been digitally recreated and made accessible to millions. Alongside the stunning new Juke Nismo, the Juke-R is set to star in the new Gameloft Asphalt 7: Heat mobile racing game.

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, has partnered with Nissan to give fans the chance to drive the hottest members of the Juke family on iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets.  From Paris to Rio, Asphalt 7: Heat allows drivers to compete in ruthless races while enjoying single or multiplayer mode.

Juke Nismo
Featuring the same performance DNA that runs through Nissan's competition cars, the Juke Nismo will introduce the Nissan Motorsport name to the European range early in 2013. Powered by a 200 ps version of Nissan's advanced DIG-T petrol engine, the accessible performance model offers enhanced thrills without compromising efficiency.

Dynamic improvements and a superbly equipped Nismo trimmed cabin mean that the Juke Nismo will offer added excitement to the driver, whether driving virtually or in reality.

The Juke-R story began when it was revealed for the first time as a one-off concept in January 2012 in Dubai. The wild child of the Nissan range soon became an automotive legend in its own right, even though it was never intended for either physical or virtual production.

With the modified underpinnings of a GT-R under a muscular, re-sculpted Juke bodyshell, the R was like nothing else. A YouTube sensation, the Juke-R's fan base grew exponentially - more than 5,000,000 views of Juke-R videos have been recorded to date.

And so the story of the production version began. Darren Cox, Brand Director Nissan in Europe, explains, "People loved the Juke-R in Dubai - we were receiving offers for the original concept on the street! We couldn't disappoint such dedicated fans, so with three genuine offers on the table we made the commitment to build a limited run of Juke-Rs."

Design and technical innovations
Development work then started to transform a one-off concept into a model which could be produced and sold. Built by leading motorsports outfit RML with advice from Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTC-E), the Juke-R uses the Nissan GT-R supercar's drivetrain and suspension along with an FIA specification roll-cage.

Due to the expertise of Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTC-E), the production version is even more powerful than the concept, providing 545 bhp from its advanced twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre engine. Thrilling performance is guaranteed, with 0-100 kmph estimated to take only 3.0 seconds and maximum speed tipped to be 275 kph.

In addition to these technical enhancements, Juke-R #001 also has a new look thanks to input from the experts at Nissan Design Europe in London, UK.

"The Juke-R's bumpers and side sills were redesigned, which is normally a very long process using full size models in clay. However, we managed to condense the development time using full size viewing on our new 3D ready projector and power wall, maintaining a fully digital process while providing a true supercar quality finish to Juke-R," explains NDE's Digital Team Manager Darryl Scriven.

Design refinements include more definition for the front bumper and new carbon trim on the front and rear cooling vents and the rear aero diffuser, displaying the Juke-R's pure performance DNA.

Drive Juke-R and Juke Nismo
Juke-R number #001 is now on its way to the first customer with production of #002 well underway. The exact price will depend on the precise specification requested by each buyer, but Juke-R starts from 500,000 euros.

While only a handful of drivers will ever get behind the wheel of the ultra-exclusive flagship Juke, the spirit of driving excitement is far more accessible through the Juke Nismo, which goes on sale across Europe in early 2013 offering enhanced dynamics, performance and design.

Asphalt 7: Heat will be available to download before the end of the year from both Apple Store and Google Play for only 0.79 euro.


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