October 18, 2012

Michelin launches 3 new tyres in Paris

Michelin Tyres increased its global product portfolio by introducing 3 new set of tyres targeted specifically for a distinct segment in the automobile markets at the Paris Motor Show 2012.

Demonstrating its commitment to offering consumers the market's most comprehensive
blend of performance through Michelin Total Performance, the new tyres such as The Michelin Energy E-V will cater to electric vehicles, for passenger cars - The Michelin Energy Saver+  and The Michelin Agilis+ for light commercial vehicles. At its booth at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Michelin unveiled its strategy for developing tires that deliver superior performance in several areas at once, including safety in all driving conditions, increased energy efficiency (and therefore lower carbon emissions) and higher mileage on all types of vehicles.

The Paris Motor Show was an excellent opportunity for Michelin where it presented the performance of its tire ranges and raised awareness of the new European tire labelling regulation. According to the regulation, tires sold after November 1 must carry a sticker displaying objective information about their performance in the three areas: Wet grip, Energy efficiency and Outside rolling noise.

Michelin believes that the new labelling system is an excellent consumer information initiative. Michelin is complying with the legislation, but is offering much more than just the three performance parameters displayed on the label, for the simple reason that users demand more than just three characteristics from their tyres. They want shorter braking distances on dry as well as wet pavements, and tight grip on both straights and curves. They need tires that last longer and deliver the same superior safety performance until the very last kilometre. They also want tires that improve their vehicle's ride. Michelin is committed to its consumers for such requirements.

The three new tyres launched during the show offer an optimal combination of safety, longevity and fuel savings.

Michelin Energy E-V (for Electric vehicles): All of the Renault ZOE models equipped with 15- and 16-inch wheels will be shoed with the new Michelin Energy E-V (Electric Vehicle), the first tire developed specifically for EVs. These tyres will include:
> Range Optimiser package to improve the vehicle's actual range in all driving conditions
> Low rolling resistance, increased range of 6 per cent
> Low noise level to optimise the EV's energy efficiency
> Maximum energy efficiency, excellent performance in dry braking, wet road holding

Michelin Energy Saver+ (for Passenger Cars): The new Michelin Energy Saver+ tyre reduces fuel consumption by 200 litres for every 45,000 km traveled, compared with a tire that meets the minimum performance level defined in the European tyre labelling regulation. It also includes:
> Superior grip on both wet and dry pavements
> Shortens braking distance by almost 16 metres
> Additional molecular bonds which strengthens its resistance to wear
> Maximum safety in all driving conditions and greater mileage
> Available in 14-, 15- and 16-inch versions and a total of 58 different sizes

Michelin Agilis+ (for light commercial vehicles): Retailers, contractors and other professionals must be able to depend on their tires as much as they depend on all the other tools of their trade. To meet the high expectations of these users, Michelin has developed the new Michelin Agilis+ tire whose unique feature includes:
> Energy efficiency
> Fuel saving of 270 litres for every 60,000 km traveled
> Shortened braking distance by more than 17 meters
> Sidewall anti-scrape shields for damage protection
> Eight anti-scrape patches for resistance from day-to-day wear and tear


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