October 18, 2012

Skoda Yeti is UK's most reliable new car

Which? has revealed the Skoda Yeti is the most reliable car in the UK.

In a survey completed by owners of 47,000 vehicles, the petrol-powered model ranked number one in the SUV/4x4 classes with a 98 per cent reliability score. As that was the highest total of any
class winner it was declared the overall champion. The Skoda Yeti diesel took sixth spot.

"All the owners who gave feedback in our survey said they hadn't suffered a single breakdown in the previous 12 months, and annual repair bills averaged just £6 a year," the Which? magazine stated.

"Reliability is at the heart of the ownership experience because what drivers value most is a vehicle that starts every morning like clockwork. Skoda has worked hard to make sure its cars are the best they can be and recognition from Which? is very satisfying," said Alasdair Stewart, Brand Director for Skoda UK.


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