October 25, 2012

Swansea City FC has teamed up with Infiniti Centre Reading

Barclays Premier League Club Swansea City FC has teamed up with Infiniti Centre Reading, owned by RYMCO, to become their official vehicle supplier.

Perfect partnerships are made when both parties share similar goals and are shooting in the same direction. Swansea
City Football club and Infiniti both perform in their equivalent Premium divisions, have their own unique style and are up against the larger and more established brands that tend to dominate the news and headlines.

"I am pleased to be associated with Infiniti, like us they are daring to be different, while at the same time taking on the big boys. Their luxury performance range of cars allows us to stand out from the crowd, making us unlike any other Premiership club, something we are constantly trying to do," said Swansea City FC Chairman Huw Jenkins.

Known as everyone's second favourite team due to their exciting style of football, the arrangement with RYMCO to be their main vehicle supplier provides Infiniti a great opportunity to raise awareness of the relatively new Premium brand to the UK.

Paul Watts-Barnes, Head of Corporate Sales for RYMCO through Infiniti Centre Reading and Piccadilly, who has been working closely with Swansea City FC said, "From what started as a quick chat between RYMCO and the Club has now grown into providing a steady supply of Infiniti models to the mangers and staff of the football club. Both clubs have similar ambitions and it will be exciting to see how each of us develops over the next few years."

The first supply of Infiniti's going to Swansea City FC will be for Manager Michael Laudrup and Assistant Manager Erik Larsen, both choosing FX's. Delivery of these vehicles will commence soon with more to follow for the team staff, coaches and scouts in the coming months.


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