October 23, 2012

West Midlands Fire Service adds Toyota Hilux to fleet

The West Midlands Fire Service is putting the Toyota Hilux Invincible to the test as part of a review of its fleet of Brigade Response Vehicles.

The fire service, which provides a fire and rescue response to a population of more than 2.7-million across an area of 350 square miles,
has a compelling need for reliable, robust and excellent off-road vehicles. It has chosen the Toyota Hilux Invincible to meet these needs after conducting a thorough evaluation of the most suitable vehicles best equipped to the rigorous demands of the fire and rescue service and compliant with BSEN1846 standards.

The initial pilot will include three Toyota Hilux Invincibles, with the potential for further vehicles being added to the fleet dependent on the successful outcome of the trial - all will be deployed around the region as rapid response vehicles.

"The West Midlands Fire Service is constantly striving to make financial savings combined with improving operational flexibility. The trial of the Toyota Hilux Invincible is supporting these objectives, with it becoming the vehicle of choice after a thorough review of comparable vehicles. Its flexibility, combined with its class leading 'gross' carrying capacity, low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions means the West Midlands Fire Service is anticipating financial and operational benefits underpinned by Toyota's superb green credentials," said Chris Beebee, Fleet Manager at West Midlands Fire Service.


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