November 06, 2012

Mercedes-Benz starts with record sales into the fourth quarter

Following up on the record sales in the first three quarters, Mercedes-Benz posted a new sales record in October as well. With 109,632 vehicles delivered, the record of the same month in the previous year was topped by 6 per cent. Thus, the brand
has sold 1,074,558 vehicles (+5.1 per cent) since the beginning of the year, which is also a new record.

The Mercedes-Benz Cars division likewise posted new record highs both in October and the year to date. Last month, the company delivered 118,609 units (+6.2 per cent) of the Mercedes-Benz, smart and Maybach brands to customers. The total for January to October came to 1,162,519 vehicles (+4.9 per cent).

"With our sales record in October we have started successfully into the fourth quarter. Our new models, spearheaded by the new A-class and B-class, are giving us significant tailwind. We are expecting a new worldwide sales record for the full year as well. In our currently largest market, the US, we are on record course with high growth rates and can thus again secure our market leadership since the beginning of the year," said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

In Germany, Mercedes-Benz sold 23,270 vehicles in October. Thus, sales increased 3 per cent compared to last year. The top favorites were the new compact models of the A-class and B-class, the M-class and the facelifted GLK model. In the full year to date, sales in Germany are at 214,028 units (+0.7 per cent). The brand thus remains marketleader on its domestic market since the beginning of the year.

In the remaining Western European market (without Germany), Mercedes-Benz posted strong sales in October. With deliveries of 22,543 new vehicles the brand recorded a plus of 7.4 per cent - primarily also due to the first deliveries of the new A-class. Thus, Mercedes-Benz could gain additional market shares almost everywhere in Western Europe. With 246,247 units recorded since the beginning of the year sales are slightly above the previous year's level (+1 per cent). The brand with the star posted particularly high growth rates in October in France (+19.9 per cent), Belgium (+26 per cent) and Switzerland (+11.5 per cent). With a sales increase of 10.7 per cent since the beginning of the year, the company even posted a new sales record in the UK.

The development in the NAFTA Region continues to be very positive. In the US, Mercedes-Benz has sold 215,596 vehicles (+11.9 per cent) since the beginning of the year, and 23,978 units in October (+5.9 per cent) - both times a new record despite the hurricane 'Sandy'.

Mercedes-Benz is thus still the most sold premium brand in the US in the year-to-date. The brand again achieved record sales in Mexico. In October alone, 27.4 per cent more vehicles were handed over to customers than in the same month of the previous year.

In China (incl. Hong Kong), year-to-date sales rose by 5.5 per cent to a new sales record of 160,425 units. The month of October with 15,895 units sold, was short of the very strong October sales in the previous year (p.y. 16,539 u.). With the full availability of the recently launched high-volume B-class, the company expects additional momentumin the next months. The facelift of the GLK is already doing very well (+40.8 per cent). The S-class sedan remains market leader in China in the last year of its lifecycle. Additionally, the company is continuing its work on the development of a new sales organisation that will contribute to the long-term and sustainable development of Mercedes-Benz in China.

Mercedes-Benz sales continued to develop very dynamically in Russia and Japan. In Japan, the company posted a sales increase of 24.6 per cent since January. In Russia, Mercedes-Benz reached a new sales record with a plus of 26.4 per cent. Also in Australia the brand registered a new sales record since the beginning of the year.

After the successful market launch of the A-class in Europe and strong sales of the B-class, the compact car segment showed a plus of 34.3 per cent in October. Overall, 20,923 A-class and B-class vehicles were handed out to customers last month. Since the new A-class is currently still in the start-up phase, the compact car segment will gain additional sales momentum in the coming months. In addition the A-class will be launched in further important markets. In December, for example, in the UK. China and Japan will follow in the coming year.

At 344,036 units (+7.1 per cent), sales in the C-class segment have been developing very well in the year-to-date. Especially popular in October was the coupe as the top selling vehicle in its class. Since the beginning of the year it was already sold nearly 40,000 times.

In the year before its facelift sales of the E-class sedan were on the previous year's level in October (-0.3 per cent).

Strong growth rates were posted by the S-class segment with a plus of 21.4 per cent in October. Thus, deliveries for the year amounted to 67,548 units (+5.3 per cent). The S-class sedan, which is celebrating its naming anniversary this fall, continues to hold the pole position in its segment since the beginning of the year. The flagship of the Mercedes-Benz brand was given the name 'S-class' for the first time exactly 40 years ago.

The SUVs of the brand posted new sales records both since the beginning of the year and in October. With a plus of 16.1 per cent, 227,494 units were delivered to customers since January. The total for October was 26,174 units (+22.6 per cent). The demand was especially high for the facelifted GLK, which reached new highs both in October (+32.7 per cent) and the year to date (+10.5 per cent). The likewise facelifted G-class, even doubled its sales, thus marking a new sales record last month. With an increase of 37.9 per cent the M-class is also at a new record high since the beginning of the year. Moreover, it is the top seller in its segment for the year-to-date.

Despite the continued difficult market environment in Southern Europe the smart sub-compact brand also developed positively in October. In the previous month, a total of 8,977 smart fortwo (+8.1 per cent) were delivered to customers worldwide. Sales in the year to date are thus at 87,961 units (+2.4 per cent). Therefore, smart is well on course to hold the good sales level of the previous year. The innovative two-seater posted particularly high growth rates in October in the USA (+205.2 per cent), Great Britain (+37.3 per cent), Canada (+70.4 per cent) and Japan (+91.3 per cent). The city runabout most recently ranked first among the sub-compact cars in the customer barometer of ADAC, which yearly measures drivers' satisfaction with their vehicle.


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