December 13, 2012

Empowering the women on wheels

Remember that our homes, and the other big-ticket item in our personal consumption, usually appreciate in value, while our cars depreciate over a decade or so to near worthless. So, in terms of net consumption, cars are much more important than housing.

Buying a new car
with all its associated excitement requires you to clinch the best possible deal according to your requirements. Women are usually known to care for only selected selected bits of requirements like cost, loan benefits, brand, fuel average colour, style statement - the soft stuff, and not caring too much about the hard stuff.

The decision on which car segment to opt is usually obvious considering your lifestyle and long term prospects - for example - if you have a big and extended family, you will be oriented towards an MUV rather than one which is compactly made; Sleek and sweet miniature hatchback will not work out fine in regions of rough terrain calling for steep and bouncy uphill drives; or the SUV segment if that is your preferred segment.

But choosing a specific car within a defined segment requires careful understanding of your hard needs and selecting a car with specifications and features aligned to meet if not all, then most of your needs.

If you go with a simple set of superficial requirements, you may often be misled by the salesperson. On the contrary - if you go with a deeper think and a prioritised list of complete set of requirements, the sales person will help you navigate through car specifications like weight, power, wheelbase, suspension, transmission etc. - to help you determine if overall the car specifics are aligned to your needs... a decision made like this will boost your self esteem - as women, you are treating yourself important by spending some time to find out what matters to you.

An example - Lets look at prioritised list (starting from high importance to low) that we usually ignore and should be a part of your shopping decision:
> Smooth drivability
> Braking ability
> Good acceleration
> Takes a tight turning U-turn easily, immediate throttle response
> Overall cost of ownership low
> Reliable airbags and overall safety

Now there are different car specifications influencing these requirements and an able dealer should be able to help you facilitate the decision. But if just don't even have them in your list of requirements, then you maybe mislead into a narrowly thought through decision which you will regret later.

With a growing variety of products and cost options now available, every women must understand certain key hard aspects that will help them identify their own needs to suit the best possible car purchase.

Remember: Knowledge is power in your hands.

If you're still in love with the vehicle the next day, then go for it!

- Nancy Katyal
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Anonymous said...

This made a nice read, thanks to Ms. Nancy for some 'empowering' inputs regarding criteria and decision making for the car we love !

Hoping for more such articles for followers like me.

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