December 06, 2012

Fiat-Chrysler Group unveils roadmap for India

Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited (FGAIPL) announced a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening its position in the Indian market. These initiatives include the official launch of the Jeep brand in India. 9 new/significantly refreshed models by Fiat and Jeep brand
in the next few years with the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee will be imported towards the end of 2013. Jeep vehicles will be sold via a Jeep dealer network that will leverage the service and parts support offered by an expanding Fiat dealer network.

The company will expand its domestic production to include the new Fiat Linea classic edition and the new Fiat Punto edition.

"Our vision for India will revolve around a three-pronged strategy," said Mike Manley, Chief Operating Officer for Asia and President and CEO - Jeep Brand. "First, introduction of new vehicles that will soon include the legendary Jeep brand. Second, the expansion of our independent dealer network and, finally, strong marketing initiatives that will continue to improve our awareness and brand perception in the market."

Mike Manley visited Mumbai to meet with dealers and announce details of the new product and production plans for the market, which includes the expansion of the dealer network from the current shared Tata Fiat dealers to approximately 120 independent dealers by 2013.

Part of the dealer experience will include Fiat Caffe, which will offer customers the opportunity to learn about Fiat's heritage and also showcase technological innovations from the Fiat Group portfolio across the world.

The service centers within these dealerships will be another important touch point for consumers, since the goal is to replicate international service standards in India.

Jeep vehicles will be distributed at launch in metropolitan cities through exclusive outlets utilising the infrastructure created by the Fiat exclusive dealers.

"Initial interest from the investors has proved to be strong. Therefore, we will be able to establish 120 independent dealers by 2013," said Enrico Atanasio, Managing Director of Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited. "We are optimistic about our prospect for growth in the Indian car market, which grew 12 per cent in 2011 and is rapidly becoming one of the major markets in the world. With the launch of the Jeep brand, new Fiat products, an expanding dealer network and upcoming marketing initiatives, we will be in a strong position to capitalise on this growth."


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