December 14, 2012

Skoda posts growth in November

Skoda Auto raised its deliveries by 3.8 per cent year on year in November. Deliveries to customers rose to 77,900 (full year: 75,000). From January through November, sales advance by 6.9 per cent to about 873,000 (January through November 2011:

"Once again, we increased our deliveries even though markets were difficult," says Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "Our growth in Western Europe in November is especially welcome given that we grew against the market trend. The situation on the markets continues to be demanding. However, Skoda remains on the offensive with new models," says Eichhorn.

In Western Europe in November, Skoda again posted growth, raising deliveries by 4.3 per cent to 28,200 (November 2011: 27,000) in an otherwise strongly shrinking overall market. Skoda has significantly outperformed the market throughout the year so far as deliveries reached 331,900 from January through November 2012 (January through November 2011: 336,800). Market share rose above 3 per cent for the first time during the first eleven months compared with 2.8 per cent a year ago. The brand posted strong gains in its strongest Western European markets in November, these being Great Britain (plus 30.2 per cent) and Germany (plus 15.2 per cent).

In Eastern Europe Skoda achieved a plus of 7.9 per cent in November for a total of 12,400 vehicles (November 2011: 11,500). The brand rose by 26.7 per cent to 123,500 units from January through November (January through November 2011: 97.400). This growth was almost three times as strong as the overall market, which was 9.4 per cent. At the end of November, Skoda's market share was close to 4.1 per cent against 3.5 per cent from January through November 2011. Once again, Russia contributed strongly to the brand's growth as deliveries were up 12.5 per cent to more than 9,000 (November 2011: 8,000), making this November Skoda's second-best in Russia after June 2012. In the first eleven months, Skoda's deliveries in Russia were up 36.6 per cent to almost 89,100 and market share grew to 3.6 per cent (January through November 2011: 2.9 per cent). Series production of the Skoda Yeti in Russia began in early December.

In Central Europe, Skoda delivered 10,200 vehicles to customers in November (November 2011: 10,600). The brand's sales in the first eleven months rose 1.3 per cent to 114,100 units compared to 112,600 one year ago. Market share in the area rose to 18.8 per cent from January through November (January through November 2011: 18.5 per cent). Deliveries in the Czech Republic, the brand's home market rose 3.3 per cent to 54,700 as at the end of November (January through November 2011: 52,900).

Skoda also continued its growth in China - the brand's posting and advance of 4.9 per cent to 21,100 deliveries in November (November 2011: 20,200). As at the end of November, Skoda has sold 225,900 cars in China or 7.1 per cent more than a year ago when the comparable figure was 211,000.

In India, Skoda deliveries numbered 2,000 in November (November 2011: 2,300). From January through November, Skoda grew by 24.4 per cent to 32,100 deliveries to customers on the subcontinent (January through November 2011: 25.800).


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