January 12, 2013

Skoda achieves 6.8 per cent increase in 2012 global sales

Skoda Auto set another sales record in 2012 as deliveries to customers worldwide rose 6.8 per cent to 939,200 (2011: 879,200). December was the best in the company's history, the brand delivered nearly 66,200 vehicles to its customers. This result represents sales
advance of 6.1 per cent in comparison with December 2011. The brand's model offensive is set to enter its next stage in the 2013 with the launch of the new Skoda Octavia.

"In the past year, Skoda sold 939,200 units, more than ever before. This we reached despite the crisis in some markets," says Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. "Skoda has again gained market share in many markets thanks to attractive new models, extending the successful course of its growth strategy," says Vahland. For Skoda, 2013 will be mainly about the model offensive including first the launch of the new Skoda Octavia at the beginning of the year. "Overall, the 2013 automobile year will not be an easy one."

"But new Skoda cars such as Octavia, Rapid and Citigo and our favourable presence on the international markets offer a good starting base for our brand," Vahland added.

In Western Europe in 2012, Skoda significantly outperformed a shrinking overall market, delivering more than 358,400 units to customers (2011: 361,800). Skoda's market share rose above three per cent compared to 2.8 per cent a year ago. In Germany, the brand's largest European and its second-largest market worldwide after China, Skoda raised sales by 3.6 per cent to around 132,600 (2011: 128,000), confirming its status as the country's strongest importer.

In Great Britain, Skoda UK advanced 17.6 per cent year on year, from 45,300 sold in 2011 to a current record of over 53,200 units and a record market share of 2.6 per cent. Records in sales were achieved in 2012 in Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark, as well.

In Eastern Europe, Skoda deliveries in 2012 rose 26.4 per cent to almost 137,100 (2011: 108,400). The brand thus grew three times as fast as the overall market, its market share rising to 4.2 per cent from almost 3.6 per cent in 2011. The Russian market proved the most buoyant again as the brand's deliveries were at 99,100 units and grew by 33.7 per cent (2011: 74,100 deliveries). This is a new yearly high for the brand in Russia. Skoda market share in Russia grew from three to 3.6 per cent.

The brand also posted repeat growth in Central Europe, where Skoda delivered a total of 124,000 cars in 2012, up 0.7 per cent year on year (2011: 123,200 deliveries). Market share reached almost 19 per cent (previous year: 18.4 per cent), thus almost one new car in five delivered to customers in Eastern Central Europe was a Skoda.

Another area of Skoda's repeated growth last year was China, where the brand's deliveries, at almost 235,700, were up 7.1 per cent as against 220,100 units in 2011. Therefore, China accounted for one quarter of Skoda sales worldwide.

Skoda also continued its growth in India, with around 34,300 units and a 14.2 per cent growth compared to 30,000 units in 2011.

Moreover, Skoda can report record deliveries to customers in 2012: for example markets in; Israel, Turkey, Algeria, Australia, Iraq, Taiwan, Kazakhstan or Morocco.


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