February 13, 2013

Skoda delivers 69,500 cars in January 2013

In January 2013, Skoda delivered over 69,500 vehicles to customers. As expected, sales of the Skoda Octavia were down 7.8 per cent year on year due to the model change. The continued downward trend on some European markets also had a negative impact on
sales Skoda raised sales in China, its largest market worldwide, by 4.1 per cent. The brand outperformed the respective domestic market in Germany, Great Britain and Austria, among others.

"In 2013, Skoda will maintain the intensity of its model offensive. We will introduce a total of eight new Skoda automobiles or model variants," says Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. "This year's first newcomer is the third model generation of the Skoda Octavia. This relaunch of our bestselling model has been very well received both by the industry and the public," says Vahland.

Because of the model change and the attendant ramp-up of production, Skoda expects deliveries to slow down during the first half of the year. In the second half, full volume availability should have a positive impact on sales. Against this background, Skoda sold 69,500 units to customers in January, or 7.8 per cent less year on year.

The model change and a partly difficult environment in Western Europe had Skoda sales declining to 26,500 (January 2012: 29,300). In Great Britain, Skoda continued to grow, selling more than 4,300, a year-on-year plus of 18.5 per cent (January 2012: 3,600). In Denmark, Skoda sales even rose by 37.4 per cent, from 600 to a current figure of almost 800; in Austria, sales advanced by 19 per cent to almost 2,400 (January 2012: 2,000). In Germany, Skoda's second-largest market worldwide, the brand bucked a declining overall market to increase its share to almost 4.7 per cent as sales rose 0.2 per cent to over 8,900 (January 2012: 8,900).

In Eastern Europe, Skoda sold more than 6,200 (January 2012: 7,700). Sales of the Skoda Yeti increased, totalling 900 for an advance of 19.6 per cent (January 2012: 800). As the overall market in Russia declined, Skoda sold more than 4,600 cars in January 2013 (January 2012: 4,800).

In Central Europe, Skoda followed the market's downward trend and sold 8,900 (January 2012: 10,200). In the Czech Republic, its home market, sales totalled almost 3,700 (January 2012: 4,100).

Skoda continued its progress in China's dynamic market, selling 21,600 for a plus of 4.1 per cent compared to January 2012, which saw sales of almost 20,800.

In India Skoda sold 2,400 cars in January (January 2012: 3,000).


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