March 07, 2013

Apollo Tyres launches 2 new products at the Geneva Motor Show

Apollo Tyres has worked ceaselessly to expand its footprint in Europe over the last one year. Starting with a dedicated R&D Centre for passenger vehicle tyres in the Netherlands, to new product launches aimed at further enhancing its portfolio to match customer
needs and expectations, the company is making focused efforts towards nurturing a positive brand sentiment in the challenging European market. The Apollo Tyres' pavilion at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show saw the launch of two new products, Apollo Alnac 4G and Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R.

Apollo Alnac 4G
This new tyre is specially designed for compact and mid‐size car segments, which will be available in V and H speed ratings. This tyre is the second 4th Generation product by Apollo. Last year at the Geneva Motor Show, Apollo introduced Aspire 4G, which has been very well received by the market.

The Apollo Alnac 4G is a summer tyre with an asymmetrical tread that performs well in all weather conditions.

The wide outer shoulder ensures good handling on dry surfaces, while the wide circumferential grooves and high air ratio of the tread increases the aquaplaning reserves. The Alnac 4G's high silica compound optimises grip on wet roads. A central rib with extra grooves gives additional flexibility, reducing the tyre's rolling resistance and providing for an exceptionally even pressure distribution. The tyre has excellent label values for all the 29 sizes being launched in Phase 1. A wet grip label of B, rolling resistance of C and noise at 69 db with 2 waves, makes it an excellent option for the consumer.

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R
This is the latest ultra high performance tyre from Apollo Vredestein, with an increased focus on grip and sportiness, all within a distinctive size range. The new tyre has been developed in close cooperation with the Italian design house, Giugiaro. Its tread is sleek asymmetrical, with carbon accents on the sidewall and the tread creating a unique design. The Ultrac Vorti R has a Y speed rating, making it well suited for speeds above 186 mph. The Ultrac Vorti R is the ideal choice for real sports cars that require the ultimate performance from their tyres, such as the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8.

The tread of the Ultrac Vorti R is broader whereas the contour of the tyre is flat. This creates an extra‐wide contact surface and results in superior grip, handling and stability, especially in bends and at high speeds. The large tread blocks on the outer shoulder provides the tyre with an even greater sideway grip. To maintain high grip levels for longer periods, the tread compound of Ultrac Vorti R contains multiple resins that get activated at different temperatures for optimal performance throughout.

The adjusted belt angle and lower air ratio of Ultrac Vorti R ensures that a larger part of the tread comes into
contact with the road surface resulting in an enhanced grip of the tyre on the road. The extra groove in the
central rib also provides more cooling to maintain this high level of traction. As a result, the tyre is safe and
reliable at increased speeds.


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