April 25, 2013

Apollo Tyres introduces 4G range of passenger car tyres for the Indian market

Apollo Tyres introduced 3 new passenger vehicle tyres for the Indian market. These 4th generation (4G) tyres from Apollo's stable - Aspire 4G, Alnac 4G and Amazer 4G - are the most advanced range of high technology passenger vehicle tyres across segments for
the new age Indian motorist.

"These tyres are a result of cross geography collaboration between our R&D, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing teams in India and Europe. In line with Apollo's commitment towards customer's safety, the R&D team has given extra attention to the safety aspect of these tyres. To keep up with the introduction of newer and bigger cars in India, we would be adding 10‐12 new products in the passenger vehicle category in the next 2 years," said Neeraj Kanwar, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Apollo Tyres Ltd.

"We are the largest producers of passenger vehicle tyres in India with a capacity of approx 35,000 tyres per day. With the addition of 3 new passenger vehicle tyres to our portfolio, which will cater to cars starting from an Alto to an Audi A4, we are working towards gaining the leadership position in this category as well," Satish Sharma, Chief, India Operations, Apollo Tyres Ltd added further.

The 4G range from Apollo has a minimalistic design to cater to superior handling in wet and dry conditions;
shorter braking distance and low noise. The wide outer shoulders with narrow intermediate grooves lead to
better contact for dry handling. These tyres have reduced aquaplaning and enhanced grip in wet conditions.
The centre rib which is optimised for stiffness, lends higher steering precision. Apollo's 4G range of tyres easily and precisely respond to any unexpected steering corrections, providing maximum driving safety. The unique mix of raw materials ensures maximum traction and shorter braking distances on wet and dry surfaces. These tyres have been extensively tested at IDIADA, Spain and ATP Papenburg, Germany, with some excellent results.


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