April 26, 2013

Honda to become first automaker in Brazil to undertake wind power generation

Honda Automoveis do Brasil Ltda. (HAB), the Honda automobile production and sales subsidiary in Brazil, announced plans to invest in wind power generation to be more proactive in using renewable energy to minimise the environmental footprint of its business
activities. HAB will be the first automobile manufacturer in Brazil to invest in wind power generation.

With a goal to begin the operation in September 2014, Honda will build a wind farm in the city of Xangri-la in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil (approximately 1,000 km south of HAB's automobile production plant in Sumare, Sao Paulo). Equipped with nine wind power turbine units, the wind farm is expected to generate approximately 85,000 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to HAB's annual electricity needs for automobile production. By generating renewable energy to cover the entire electricity needs of the plant, HAB is expecting to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately more than 2,200 t annually. The total investment in this wind farm is expected to be approximately 100-million Brazilian reais (approximately 4.6-billion yen*).

In order to evolve wind power generation business in Brazil, HAB established a new subsidiary, Honda Energy do Brasil Ltda., specialised in wind power generation business. Honda Energy do Brasil Ltda. will be responsible for the management and operation of all areas related to Honda's wind power generation business in Brazil.

* Calculated based on the exchange rate of 1 Brazilian real = 46 yen


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