April 08, 2013

Nine Citaro Euro-VI solo buses delivered to BLT Baselland Transport AG in Switzerland

BLT Baselland Transport AG in Switzerland took delivery of nine Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses meeting the requirements of the future Euro-VI emissions standard. These are the first standard-production regular-service solo buses featuring this clean technology to
go into service with BLT in Switzerland.

Emission control system comprising SCR technology plus exhaust gas recirculation
The new Citaro meeting Euro-VI is currently the cleanest diesel-driven regular-service bus on the market. An optimised combustion process and a sophisticated emission control system reduce particulate emissions to just three percent of the level specified by Euro-I twenty years ago, while nitrogen oxide emissions have been cut to five per cent.

In addition to new engines and an extensive emission control system, the Citaro also features a new outer shell. Due to a raft of design measures, the buses weigh no more than previously - despite the additional technology on board. They even offer lower fuel consumption - and therefore lower CO2 emissions - than originally expected. Mercedes-Benz has implemented a number of measures to compensate for the additional weight of the Euro-VI components, including a lightweight fibreglass-reinforced-plastic (FRP) roof and a weight-optimised rear axle. The Citaro is therefore able to boast the same high payload and passenger-carrying capacity as before.


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