April 04, 2013

Rolls-Royce Art Deco Collection Car makes Jakarta debut

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars previewed the first Art Deco Collection Phantom to enter Indonesia. This collector's item is one of only 35 cars in the world, beautifully designed to celebrate the significant artistic movement known as Art Deco, a defining style of the
20th century, which is now making a renaissance in design and art circles.

Indonesia holds some rare examples of Art Deco inspired buildings, with a distinctive variety in Jakarta where the preview was held.

Additionally, Bandung - the country's third largest city - holds a number of fine examples of Art Deco architecture, which has shaped Indonesia's cultural landscape and identity and the direction of the country's architecture.

"We are delighted to welcome the first Art Deco Collection Phantom to Jakarta at today's preview. This is a particularly special car for Indonesians as it elegantly complements our country's rich artistic and cultural fabric. Indonesians are keen collectors of beautiful artistic pieces, so we are happy to share this unique preview opportunity with our customers," said Enderi Andreanto, General Manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Jakarta.

Dan Balmer, General Manager for Sales and Marketing, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Asia Pacific, said, "The Art Deco Collection is a unique series of highly Bespoke cars that elegantly showcase the Bespoke capabilities available for customers when they acquire a Rolls-Royce motor car. We regard Phantom as the perfect canvas for a customer's imagination. A Rolls-Royce customer in Indonesia does not 'buy' a car - he or she commissions it."


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