April 11, 2013

Skoda delivers 220,400 vehicles worldwide in the first quarter of 2013

Skoda delivered 83,800 vehicles worldwide in March, 2013; 12 per cent down on March 2012 (95,200). From January to March, 2013, the number of deliveries totalled 220,400 (2012 first quarter: 242,700) - down 9.2 per cent. Skoda sales were influenced, in the first quarter,
mainly due to the model changeover and the start of production of the Skoda Octavia. The weak state in most European automobile markets is still being felt.

"The developments in the first quarter of 2013 correspond to our expectations in light of the Skoda Octavia model changeover," explained Skoda CEO Prof. Dr. h. c. Winfried Vahland. The production ramp-up phase and the launch of the most important Skoda series are running successfully. "We remain basically confident about the year as a whole in spite of the fairly difficult market conditions," he added. Alongside the hatchback, three other versions of the Octavia will have been launched by summer: the Combi, Combi 4x4 and the Octavia RS. Additionally, four new or completely redesigned models are to be launched in the second half of the year.

Despite an overall decline in the Western European market, Skoda outperformed the market as a whole, both in March and in the first quarter of 2013. The brand delivered approximately 38,300 vehicles in March (March 2012: 41,500; -7.7 per cent), in the first quarter with 90,400 vehicles (2012: 98,500; -8.3 per cent). As of 31 March, the market share in Western Europe grew to almost 3.1 per cent. In Germany, Skoda's second largest market globally, Skoda is expanding its position as the largest importer despite decline of deliveries by 9.8 per cent with 13,100 deliveries in March (March 2012: 14,500). In March, the number of deliveries in the UK increased by 21.4 per cent to over 10,000 cars (March 2012: 8,300). The brand is gaining momentum in Denmark where sales were up by 155.4 per cent, in March, to more than 1,200 vehicles.

In Eastern Europe,  per cent sold more than 10,300 cars in March (March 2012: 11,600; -11.3 per cent). The number of deliveries totalled around 25,200 in the first quarter (January to March 2012: 28,300; -10.9  per cent). In Russia, Skoda delivered 7,700 vehicles in March (March 2012: 8,100; -5.4 per cent). Our Russian customers received over 18,600 vehicles between January and March (2012 first quarter: 19,200; -2.9 per cent).

In Central Europe, Skoda outperformed the generally weak market in March. The manufacturer delivered 10,400 vehicles to customers (March 2012: 11,500; -9.4 per cent). In March, the market share grew to 18.04 per cent (March 2012: 17.07 per cent). In the first quarter of 2013, Skoda's sales in Central Europe stood at 28,800 units; down by 11.9 per cent or 32,700 units on the same period last year. Skoda made 4,600 deliveries in the Czech Republic in March (March 2012: 5,300; -12.6 per cent). Between January and March, the brand sold 12,600 cars in their home market (2012: 14,200; -11.5 per cent), the market share grew after the first three months to 33.4 per cent (2012: 32.5 per cent).

In China, Skoda's largest individual market, sales in March dropped by 13.7 per cent to 18,400 units (March 2012: 21,300). Between January and March, Skoda sold approximately 57,700 cars to Chinese customers; down on the same period last year by 2.5 per cent (January to March 2012: 59,200).


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