April 09, 2013

Suzuki announces a marked increase in sales for the first quarter of 2013

Suzuki GB PLC is pleased to announce a marked increase in sales for the first quarter of 2013 with impressive registrations of 10,009 units, a 29.1 per cent climb over the same period in 2012 and the highest quarterly volume since the same period in 2006.
March registration figures were also strong at 7,089 cars which represented a 19.3 per cent increase over March 2012 and a healthy 1.80 per cent market share.

Suzuki is currently the second fastest growing mainstream brand in the UK with clear evidence of new customers migrating to its small, inexpensive to own and fun to drive cars. As an example, the 99 g/km VED exempt Alto is currently running at 166 per cent year on year and accounts for 43 per cent of the range volume followed by Swift. Suzuki in the UK is currently one of the market leaders in small cars amongst all other Suzuki European markets. 

The projection for full year 2013 is to reach at least 28,000 units which will represent an increase of over 3,100 units versus last year. This will be helped by the addition of the all new SX4 Crossover model due to be in dealer showrooms in the autumn.


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