May 24, 2013

Al Jazirah Ford Racing team to rub shoulders with expert drifters in Europe

After achieving victory in local and regional most competitive drift championships in 2013, it's time for Al Jazirah Ford Racing (JFR) team to showcase their potential in the European drift championships. Considering the
experience the team has gained over last two years, JFR aspirations have risen high and now they are eyeing to be a part of international events. Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani, the Saudi drift champion and JFR team's expert drifter has already kick started his journey to Europe to participate in a series of European drifting championships begining with the first station in Punchestown Racecourse in Kildare city, Ireland on May 25th. The European tour includes 8 stations and the journey of the Team will end in September, 2013 in Poland.

JFR's star drifter Abdulhadi Al Qahtani participated last year in the European Drift Championship round 'King of Drift' in Slovakia and his performance was appreciated a lot. King of Europe is one of the most competitive and most recognised drift championships in the world.

"The drifting aficionados will get to see a new kind of drift championship where we will perform a unique show of our capabilities. We are well-prepared for the European Drift Championships, which are considered as one of the most challenging championships in the world, and will absolutely showcase action-packed and powerful drift racing rounds," said Al-Qahtani.

"Being the very first Saudi drifter participating in the European Championships gives me immense pride as I represent my country, and at the same time it is a great responsibility on my shoulders to be among the top ranked drifters by contributing significantly to the international motorsports events. This is an honor and national pride for the team and our main sponsor, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies," he further added.

He also remarked that the participation in these Championships is going to be difficult and crucial  as participants will be judged based on the high level of organisation, their techniques and talent while maintaining a high speed of over 160 kmph.

"It is extremely rewarding to see the efforts and achievements of Al Jazirah Ford Racing team paying in terms of achievements and experience. In addition to a super car like Mustang and talented racer like Abdulhadi, great efforts were put in planning this road to success," said Sabah Al Kriadees, Director of Sales and Marketing at Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies.


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