June 08, 2013

Are you buying car in Nottingham?

What are some of the best new cars available in the Nottingham area? There are a lot of different dealerships selling new and used cars around Nottingham city, and the Nottinghamshire area; some of the most notable dealerships include Toyota, as well as
dealerships that sell the newest Fords and Peugeots, as well as Vauxhall cars. When looking for new cars in Nottingham, it's also important to think about Motability schemes and ways to get the best out of your hire purchase agreements and finances.

Ford: The Sandicliffe dealership on Nottingham Road is the best place to find a wide range of new Fords - you get a choice of models that include the Ford Focus, the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Galaxy, and the Ford Ka; in terms of the Fiesta, which is still one of the most popular cars in the UK, you can get a deal on £9,000 for the 1.25 Studio 3-door model hatchback. By comparison, a larger Ford Galaxy estate can be found for about £23,995 on the road, and a Ford Ka at £7,500.

Toyota: The newest Toyota models can be found at Inchcape Retail in Nottingham, and include everything from the latest Yarises to hybrid Priuses; the Yaris will set you back about £12,000, and you can find some excellent deals on 0 per cent APR, as well as 5 year warranties. A hybrid Prius can be picked up with 6.9 per cent APR, while you can also sign up for £99 fixed price servicing, or deals on a new Toyota iQ with 4.9 per cent APR financing.

Vauxhall: One of the best places in Nottingham to buy the latest Vauxhalls is at Pentagon Nottingham; there you can find a new Vauxhall Adam, a 1.2-litre 3-door hatchback with 0 per cent financing for four years - deposits are also flexible on this model. Other cars in the Pentagon showroom include the newVauxhall Ampera electric car, with deals starting from about £29,995 with 6.2 per cent and 6.23 per cent financing over different time periods.

Peugeot: Robins and Day offer packages and different models for the most recent Peugeot models, which include the Peugeot GT, the family car the 207 SW, coupes, hybrids, and electric cars like the 3008 Hybrid 4 - the dealership also have electric vans and other cars, as well as low cost MOT and interim servicing deals, and contributions towards maintenance costs.

Things to look out for: When looking for a good deal on a new car in Nottingham, make sure that you compare dealers to get the best possible financing set up - always check terms and conditions, and consider whether you can spread your payments out more easily with a bank loan. Moreover, any drivers that qualify as disabled can take advantage of Motability schemes for discounted rates and payment from disability living allowances towards new cars.

- Eva Holmes

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