July 12, 2013

Volkswagen Group globally deliveries 4.70-million vehicles in first half year

The Volkswagen Group grew vehicle deliveries in the first half of 2013, handing over a total of 4.70- (January-June 2012: 4.45; +5.5 per cent)* million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to June. Deliveries in the month of June were slightly up at 827,800
(June 2012: 798,500; +3.7 per cent)*.

"Volkswagen Group deliveries made satisfactory progress even though market conditions were not always easy. However, the economic climate remains tense, especially in Europe," said Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler. "We remain on course and are entering the second half of the year with confidence. Nevertheless, the enormous challenges persist."

Group brands delivered a total of 1.87- (1.93; -3.5 per cent) million vehicles on the overall European market in the first half year. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 0.97- (1.01; -3.6 per cent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle. 583,900 (606,100; -3.7 per cent) units were delivered in the home market of Germany. The Group handed over 313,000 (322,900; -3 per cent) vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe in the period to June, of which 149,900 (152,600; -1.7 per cent) units were delivered in Russia.

Developments on the American continent were positive. In the North America region, deliveries for the period to June increased by 12.3 per cent to 437,900 (389,800) units, of which 303,900 (275,200; +10.4 per cent) were handed over in the United States. The Volkswagen Group delivered 450,500 (469,500; -4 per cent) vehicles to customers in the South America region during the same period, of which 332,800 (347,100; -4.1 per cent) were handed over to customers in Brazil. Group figures for the Asia-Pacific region were encouraging. 1.73- (1.48; +16.8 per cent) million vehicles were handed over to customers there in the first six months, of which 1.54- (1.30; +18.7 per cent) million were delivered in China, the region's largest single market. In India, 49,200 (60,900; -19.2 per cent) customers took possession of a new vehicle from the Group. 


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