August 07, 2013

Best ways to get rid of your old car

People get attached to their cars because of their dependence to them. The fact that this car has assisted you for years makes parting with it very difficult. You remember how you have taken care of it and made repairs that were sometimes very costly. Eventually, you will
need to part with your car when maintaining it becomes very expensive. Getting rid of your old car can be a daunting task especially when many people are doing the same thing. This means that people will be spoilt for choice. Indeed the longer the car stays at home, the useless it becomes. This means that it will depreciate in value and this is a threat to your investment. You will end up taking it at the junk yard because nobody will buy it. You therefore need to find out the best ways of letting go of your car.

If your car is still in the garage, the first thing that you will need to do is remove it from there. This not only wastes the space but makes it difficult for you to sell the car for sentimental reasons. If your car is too old to be used again, you can get a car dealer or mechanic to inspect it and remove the spare parts so that you can sell them. You can sell these parts to one client or individually. Before taking the car to the junk yard, make sure that you have drained all the oil and gas. Similarly, remove the spare tire as most yards will only take four tires for one car. If your tires are in good condition and can be sold independently, remove them and offer them for sale. Once this is done, you can take the car to the junk yard. Most junk yards are usually owned by car dealers who already have clients that are looking to purchase car bodies and other parts. You can also benefit from the car this way as the owner of the yard will give you money for the car especially if the car is a popular model.

To get rid of your car profitably, you can also ask for tax deductions for taking it to the junk yard. You will need to show that you sold your car at a loss. For this, you will need to show the title of the car, your license information and any personal information that may be required and your contact. Make sure that the yard that you have chosen to take your car is close to your location. You will need to tow your car to the yard and the closer the location, the cheaper it will be to get it there. Before taking the car to the yard, make sure that the owner has all the specifications of the car. This includes the model, damage and year of purchase. In addition, find out all the information regarding all the junk yards in your area and request for a quote on your old car before deciding on a specific yard to take it. This will allow you to compare the prices that the yard owners are offering. You will therefore choose the best price.

- Eva Holmes

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