September 05, 2013

Tips for selling your Caravan...

It hurts to say it, but the time has come to say goodbye to your static caravan. Perhaps the expenditure is getting to be unmanageable, or perhaps you just haven't been giving your caravan the love it deserves and want to offer somebody else the chance - whatever
your reason for selling, you're bound to want the process to go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Fortunately, selling your caravan doesn't have to be a nightmare. It is a very precise procedure and it can be fairly time consuming but what it doesn't have to be is stressful. If you are aware of all of the pitfalls and risks, selling your caravan can turn out to be a great idea. It may take a little determination, though. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that the sale of your caravan goes smoothly.

Think about the pitch
There's a lot to think about before you can put your caravan up for sale. Have you considered the pitch that it is located on and whether or not that pitch belongs to you too? It's vital that you take this detail into consideration, because 95 per cent of caravan pitches belong to the site owners and not the owners of the caravans located on them. Many caravan parks will allow you to sell the pitch and the caravan as a package but you will be charged a significant commission fee. This fee is almost always worth the cost, however, as a caravan without a pitch isn’t very useful to most people.

Check current prices
In order to find out what price your static caravan should be selling for, check out other caravan parks nearby and flick through caravan brochures and magazines. Do make significant allowances for the age and condition of your caravan. If in doubt, consult an expert. Try to take into consideration any other fees that a buyer might run into and let them influence the figure you ask for your caravan.

Dealer or private?
When it comes to selling your static caravan insurance online quote, there are two main options - you can sell it to a dealer or you can sell it to a private buyer. Selling privately will almost always result in a more lucrative deal but it can be a very lengthy process. You could be waiting a long time for an appropriate offer. There will also, inevitably, be fewer assurances with a private sale. If you sell to a legitimate dealer, there is a much smaller chance of being ripped off or conned in any way. That's not to say that you'll be ripped-off by a private buyer - it's just that a dealer will have to adhere to more rules and regulations.

For sale signs
Contrary to popular belief, you cannot put for sale signs up in your caravan window - most caravan sites strictly forbid this. If you do put a sign up, chances are you'll be asked to take it down. The best way to go about selling a caravan these days is via the internet. Set up advertisements on all of the appropriate websites - sites like Gumtree and ebay, and make sure that you include lots of pictures and a very in depth description of the property. Do not try to hide or misinform potential buyers about the condition or the age of your caravan - they are going to see it eventually and realise what you have done. It's best if you're honest about any damage that the caravan has. 

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