October 05, 2013

September 2013 is the best ever month for global sales in Mercedes-Benz' history

This September Mercedes-Benz sold more vehicles than in any other previous month. A total of 142,994 new cars were supplied to customers around the world, equivalent to growth of 15.9 per cent. 1,062,638 units have now been sold since the beginning of 2013
(+10.1 per cent). In the third quarter of the year Mercedes-Benz sold 368,201 vehicles and recorded growth of 18 per cent. The third quarter was particularly successful for the company in the United States and China.

Mercedes-Benz also expanded its market shares in Europe and remains most-registered premium brand in Germany, Japan and the United States. Much of this growth can be attributed to the compact models and the new E-class, which was launched to great success. The new S-class is already leading the way of new vehicle registrations in Germany. With its launch in the Chinese market in September its global presence and position will be further strengthened.

"Never before has Mercedes-Benz sold more vehicles in a single month than this September. The new S-class is already the distinct market leader in Germany and Europe. Our compacts and the new
E-class are also proving hugely popular with customers," said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. "Looking at the previous nine months, we can safely say that Mercedes-Benz will post another sales record for 2013."

In September Mercedes-Benz delivered 71,085 vehicles to customers in Europe (+14.2 per cent), weathering tough market conditions to record an exceptionally successful third quarter (+14 per cent on September 2012). The company achieved particularly strong growth for the month in the UK (+28 per cent), in Turkey (+31.5 per cent) and in Russia (+20.1 per cent).

In the domestic market Mercedes-Benz had a market share of over 9 per cent: It has now been the market leader for the premium segment in Germany in every month of the year so far.

In China the third quarter was particularly successful for Mercedes-Benz: With 56,992 vehicles delivered (incl. Hong Kong), the automobile manufacturer recorded growth of 26.3 per cent, meaning that one in six new Mercedes-Benz vehicles was sold to a customer in China. Sales were also very strong in Japan, where the company handed over 14,558 vehicles to customers in the period from July to September (+32.8 per cent). Mercedes-Benz is once again the most-registered premium brand in Japan.

In the United States Mercedes-Benz reported another set of record sales in September, delivering 24,697 vehicles (+6.7 per cent) and was again premium manufacturer number one. From January to September the company sold 215,056 units (+12.2 per cent), also a new record, in its biggest sales market.
Mercedes-Benz' sales have grown by 47.5 per cent since the beginning of the year in the Latin American markets. And in the important future market of Brazil, Daimler will soon be represented by a local manufacturing facility. From 2016 the new assembly plant in Iracemápolis near São Paulo will be producing the next generations of the C-class and GLA for the local market.

The new compacts by Mercedes-Benz have been a sales revelation over the past nine months: Worldwide, 267,467 customers bought an A-class, B-class or CLA-class model (+68.3 per cent). The design of the CLA is proving particularly popular: Only this September

A strong sales increase in September demonstrates how well the new E-class models are faring in the markets - In the E-class segment Mercedes-Benz posted record sales of 34,340 vehicles (+26.3 per cent). Since the beginning of September the new E-class has also been available in China, where it will provide further growth momentum in the company's second biggest market after the United States.

Mercedes-Benz' SUVs are already an established source of success for the company, and since the beginning of the year 236,129 SUVs bearing the three-pointed star have been sold - a record-breaking figure that represents an increase of 17.3 per cent. Three of the company’s five SUV model series are made at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa (USA). The decision to produce these vehicles in Alabama was made exactly 20 years ago. The M-Class was the first vehicle to roll off the production line at the site, and is now the highest selling vehicle worldwide in its class. Since the beginning of the year, 89,342 vehicles of the M-class were delivered to customers worldwide (+10.5 per cent).

Since the beginning of the year 73,782 people around the world have bought a smart fortwo (previous year: 78,984 units). The compact two-seater is enjoying growing popularity in China: A total of 1,640 smart fortwo were sold in the country in September alone (+22.5 per cent).


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