January 14, 2014

World premiere of the Merc's new top model S 600 in Detroit

No other car lives up to the standards so famously set by company Founder Gottlieb Daimler quite as comprehensively as the top model from Mercedes-Benz. The S 600 with V12 biturbo engine is the top model in the already successfully established S-class and is available
exclusively with long wheelbase and with a luxurious package of equipment and appointments. The S 600 will have its world premiere at the Detroit Auto Show, with the market launch to follow in March 2014.

"The S-class has always been the embodiment of our claim to deliver the very best in terms of both technology and design," said Ola Kallenius, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars. "And our flagship model, the S 600, epitomises the focus of our development work, the 'Essence of Luxury', in a way that no other model can. Our customers in North America and Asia in particular will enjoy this new top model with its exciting V12 engine."


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