February 01, 2014

Lexus announces 12 winners of Second Lexus Design Award

Lexus announces the selection of 12 winners for the second Lexus Design Award, an international design competition that was launched on August 1, 2013.

1,157 submissions were received during the application period, which ended on October 15, 2013. From that
group, 12 winners have been selected after careful consideration by six judges.

The designers of two winning entries will create prototypes of their designs in close collaboration with one of two assigned mentors - Arthur Huang and Robin Hunicke. The two prototypes, together with panel displays of the other 10 winning entries, will be exhibited in the Lexus space at Milan Design Week in April.

The Lexus Design Award is an international competition that targets up-and-coming innovators from around the world. The Lexus Design Award is an opportunity for designers to create work that is then displayed at one of the design calendar's most important events. Through this initiative, Lexus hopes to nurture and support world-enriching creators.

'Iris' - Handblown glass lamp with an iridescent coating (mentored by Robin Hunicke) - Sebastian Scherer/Germany
'Macian' - Kit to build more creative forts for kids (mentored by Arthur Huang) - James Fox/UK
'Crane' - Bookshelf that creates a balancing game - Group: Magenta/Israel, Ronen Bavly, Ornit Arnon
'Dicecover' - Interactive tool to encourage people to learn more about our planet - Mansour Ourasanah/USA
'E-Wheel' - Electric wheel to power bicycles - Phuoc Nguyen/Vietnam
'Flynote' - Elegantly designed record player - Group: alDith/Italy, Aldo De Carlo (Italy), Judith Ccasa Caceres (Peru)
'Game of Space' - Dynamic architectural space - Group: IAO-architecture/China, Nan Lei, Xinyi Wang
'JoyCarpet' - Interactive rug helps babies develop their potential - Meng-Ling Yang/Taiwan
'Ooho!' - Organic membrane to package liquids as water balls - Group: Skipping Rocks Lab/Spain, Rodrigo García González (Spain),  Pierre Pasalier (France), Guillaume Couche (France)
'Pause' - New design for telling time - Group: Stuti & Rajeev/India
'Piximot' - Interactive display formed from rotating wooden cubes - Group: Mamikim & Co./UK
'Sky Lighthouse' - Interactive light that displays the colors of the sky - Yoshiki Matsuyama/Japan


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