February 13, 2014

Skoda delivers 80,900 vehicles worldwide in January 2014

A strong start to the year for Skoda Auto - worldwide vehicle deliveries in January increased by 16.5 per cent to 80,900 (January 2013: 69,500 vehicles). Skoda once again achieved double-digit growth in Europe with 48,200 vehicles sold. In the brand's strongest individual
market, China, Skoda's deliveries increased by 27.3 per cent to 27,500 units, thereby selling more cars in China than ever before in one month. The new Skoda Octavia has made an excellent start to the new year with growth of 40.2 per cent in Western Europe.

"This has been an excellent start to 2014," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "With 16.5 per cent growth and the best January ever, we have truly confirmed the outstanding performance of the second half of 2013. Our model campaign is paying off in the markets. The strong start to the year and the promising number of incoming orders make us confident that we will continue to grow this year."

After a record eight new or revised Skoda models launched in 2013, 2014 is all about the Skoda growth strategy. "The design and model campaign is continuing into the next stage," added Eichhorn.

Skoda's strength was demonstrated in Western Europe this January, where deliveries rose by 13.4 per cent to 30,100 vehicles (January 2013: 26,500). In the brand's second largest market, Germany, Skoda grew by 6.7 per cent to 9,500 vehicles delivered, thus confirming its position as the country's strongest foreign brand. The brand once again achieved a great result in the UK, where deliveries rose by one quarter (25.3 per cent) to 5,400 deliveries. Skoda saw double-digit growth in Ireland (1,600 vehicles; up 31 per cent), France (1,600 vehicles; up 10.1 per cent), Italy (1,300 Vehicles; up 20.5 per cent), Finland (1,200 Vehicles; up 80 per cent), Spain (1,100 vehicles; up 79 per cent), Denmark (1,100 vehicles; up 40 per cent), the Netherlands (900 vehicles; up 54.7 per cent), Norway (600 vehicles; up 44.4 per cent) and in Portugal (200 vehicles; up 54.2 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, Skoda boosted vehicle deliveries in January by 11.1 per cent to 6,900 (January 2013: 6,200). In Russia, Skoda's third largest market, the brand grew by 2.6 per cent to 4,700 vehicles sold. Skoda also achieved strong growth in Serbia (200 vehicles; up 77.5 per cent), Romania (300 vehicles; up 19.4 per cent) and in the Baltic States (300 vehicles; up 8.5 per cent).

Skoda had a fantastic start to the new year in Central Europe, with deliveries to customers increasing by 26 per cent to 11,200 (January 2013: 8,900). In their home market, the Czech Republic, Skoda increased deliveries by as much as 27.8 per cent, selling 4,700 new vehicles; almost 1,000 cars more than in January 2013. Skoda also achieved significant growth in Poland (4,300 vehicles; up 33 per cent), Slovenia (400 vehicles; up 56.6 per cent) and Croatia (200 vehicles; up 44.7 per cent).

In the brand's strongest individual market, China, Skoda achieved the best sales month ever in January and grew by 27.3 per cent. In total, the brand delivered 27,500 vehicles to Chinese customers (January 2013: 21,600 vehicles); more than ever before in one month. In India, the brand achieved 1,600 deliveries in January (January 2013: 2,400; -32.5 per cent).


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