March 12, 2014

Skoda sells 70,200 vehicles globally in February, up 4.6 per cent

In February, the Czech manufacturer's sales worldwide increased by 4.6 per cent to 70,200 vehicles (February 2013: 67,100). Skoda also recorded double-digit growth in Europe (16 per cent). The new Skoda Octavia is proving to be a massive hit, with sales
up by around one-third in Western & Central Europe.

"Skoda is continuing to perform well in 2014," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "After the best January ever, we have also recorded significant growth in February. Our growth is proving to be stable: our sales have increased every month over the last six months. The response we have had from our customers proves that our new models have been very well received."

In Western Europe, Skoda once again recorded significant growth in February. Deliveries to customers increased by 13.2 per cent to 28,900 vehicles (February 2013: 25,500). With an increase of 9 per cent to 10,800 vehicles delivered, Skoda is fast building its position as the strongest import brand in Germany. The brand also recorded strong growth in the UK, with sales increasing by 40.6 per cent to 2,600 units. Sales in the Netherlands more than doubled (1,400 vehicles; up 101 per cent). Double-digit growth was recorded in Austria (1,700 vehicles; up 42.4 per cent), Spain (1,600 vehicles; up 19 per cent), Italy (1,200 vehicles; up 14.8 per cent), Sweden (1,100 vehicles; up 25.1 per cent), Ireland (1,000 vehicles; up 22.4 per cent), Finland (800 vehicles; up 35.8 per cent), Norway (500 vehicles; up 14.1 per cent) and in Portugal (200 vehicles; up 55.7 per cent).

In Eastern Europe (including Russia), Skoda sales increased by 3 per cent to 8,900 vehicles in February (February 2013: 8,700). In Russia, Skoda's third largest market, the manufacturer achieved an increase in deliveries of 1 per cent to 6,400 (February 2013: 6,300). Skoda sold 400 vehicles in Serbia, representing growth of 48.7 per cent compared to February 2013. In Kazakhstan, deliveries increased by 41.1 per cent to 300 vehicles, the Baltic States by 24.6 per cent to 400 units. In Bulgaria, Skoda achieved a sales increase of 10.5 per cent.

Skoda is coming into its own in Central Europe, where deliveries to customers increased by 35.7 per cent to 12,900 vehicles in February (February 2013: 9,500). A total of 5,400 vehicles were delivered to customers in Skoda's home market, the Czech Republic; up 27.2 per cent over February 2013 (4,300 deliveries). Significant growth was also recorded in Poland (4,900 vehicles; up 67.9 per cent), Slovakia (1,300 vehicles, up 10.6 per cent), Slovenia (400 vehicles; up 38 per cent), and Croatia (200 vehicles; up 34.6 per cent).

In China, Skoda sold 14,300 vehicles in February (February 2013: 17,700; -19.6 per cent). The new Skoda Octavia is being launched on the Chinese market by mid of this year.

In India, Skoda sold 1,300 vehicles (February 2013: 1,800; -28.2 per cent). 1,600 vehicles went to customers in Israel; up 32.4 per cent (February 2013: 1,200 deliveries). In Turkey, sales increased by 25.6 per cent to 600 units (February 2013: 500 units).


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