April 10, 2014

Renault rewards its best dealers

In 2013, 2,000 dealers in more than 36 countries took part in the Renault Group's 'Dealer Of The Year' challenge. Every year, the 'Dealer of the Year' challenge provides rewards for the Group's best dealers based on sales of new vehicles, spare parts, accessories and service
contracts; network profitability; service quality with the recommendation rate as an indicator.

The prize-giving ceremony for the 73 best dealers took place at the Renault Technocentre outside Paris.

"Customers expect the Renault network to provide an attentive, reliable, locally based service. They want to be treated with respect and to receive advice from skilled men and women who listen to their needs. It is up to us, both the manufacturer and the network, to work together to ensure a positive experience for customers visiting Group dealerships," said Jerome Stoll, Chief Performance Officer and Sales and Marketing Director.


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