June 09, 2014

Best May in Skoda's history, worldwide deliveries grow 15.2 per cent

Skoda's worldwide deliveries grew 15.2 per cent in May to 91,200 vehicles (May 2013: 79,100), making this May the best in corporate history and the ninth month in a row of continuous growth. Western and Central Europe were driving force behind the growth
increasing by a quarter.

In China the brand achieved 10.8 per cent more deliveries than in May last year. The new Skoda Octavia continued to win the hearts of customers, with an increase of 76 per cent in Western Europe, and Chinese customers are looking forward to its imminent market launch.

"The excellent results from May continue the success seen so far in 2014," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "Skoda is in the middle of the most comprehensive model campaign in the history of the company. The figures show how well the new cars are being received by our customers. We are picking up the pace and will be bringing out a new or completely revised model on average every six months until 2016."

Skoda demonstrated its full strength this May in Western Europe. Deliveries to customers rose 25.2 per cent to 37,900 vehicles (Mai 2013: 30,300) - at the same time, the brand’s market share in this region increased 20.4 per cent to 3.57 per cent. Skoda grew in almost all Western European markets. In Germany Skoda's sales increased 26.7 per cent to 13,800 units. Skoda has once again confirmed the brand's number one position among import brands in its strongest European market. In the UK, the manufacturer achieved a sales increase of 28.5 per cent to 6,800 vehicles sold in May alone.

Skoda also recorded double-digit growth in France (1,800 vehicles; up 21.1 per cent), Spain (1,800 vehicles; up 39 per cent), Switzerland (1,600 vehicles, up 33 per cent), Belgium (1,700 vehicles; up 22.2 per cent), the Netherlands (1,500 vehicles, up 51.9 per cent), Denmark (1,500 vehicles, up 14.7 per cent), Italy (1,300 vehicles; up 12.7 per cent), Finland (1,000 vehicles, up 28.4 per cent), Norway (700 vehicles; up 69.2 per cent), Portugal (300 vehicles; up 49.7 per cent) and Greece (300 vehicles; up 48.5 per cent).

In May in Eastern Europe, Skoda sold 10,400 vehicles after 10,900 deliveries in Mai 2013. In Russia the brand sold 7,600 vehicles (Mai 2013: 7,600). However, the manufacturer did achieve double-digit growth in the markets of Romania (700 vehicles; up 38.8 per cent), Serbia (500 vehicles; up 62.3 per cent) and in the Baltic States (500 vehicles; up 35.1 per cent).

Skoda grew by a quarter in May in Central Europe, where deliveries to customers increased by 25.3 per cent to 13,200 vehicles (May 2013: 10,600). In Czech Republic, Skoda grew by 13.3 per cent to 5,800 vehicles delivered (May 2013: 5,100). In Croatia, the brand almost recorded a six-fold increase in sales to 700 vehicles. In Poland, Skoda achieved an increase of 30.6 per cent to 4,000 deliveries (May 2013: 3,100). The manufacturer also saw double-digit increases in Hungary (800 vehicles; up 41.9 per cent) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; up 50.5 per cent).

China was once again Skoda's strongest individual market. 23,200 deliveries to customers represents growth of 10.8 per cent over May 2013 (21,000). This May, Skoda sold 900 vehicles in India (Mai 2013: 1,800).


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