June 06, 2014

Mercedes-Benz sold 134,031 vehicles worldwide in May

Mercedes-Benz has continued the trend in recent months by achieving yet another sales record in May. A total of 134,031 vehicles were sold to customers around the world (+10.4 per cent). That makes 641,384 vehicles sold since the start of the year (+14 per cent),
also more than ever before during this period.

"We have set another sales record by achieving double-digit growth in May," said Ola Kallenius, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Marketing & Sales. "End of May we celebrated the international debut of the C-class estate in Bremen - a vehicle that will particularly appeal to customers in Europe."

In Europe, 60,529 customers opted for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle in May (+4.8 per cent). The cars with the star were in particular demand in the UK, where 10,093 units were sold in May (+22.3 per cent). In Germany Mercedes-Benz sold 21,785 vehicles (py. 22,382 units) and was the most registered premium brand in May.

In the US, the company's largest sales market, sales rose 7.7 per cent to 26,617 vehicles. American customers particularly liked the S-class and E-class models. The sales figures for Canada were up 5.1 per cent with 2,964 vehicles handed over to customers.

The Mercedes-Benz brand put in a successful performance in the Asian market as well. A total of 23,011 units were delivered in China during May (+30.1 per cent). Chinese dealerships now also offer the CLA. Thecompact coupe has been on China's roads since the end of April. Particularly strong percentage gains in unit sales were seen in South Korea (+49 per cent), Taiwan (+21.8 per cent) and India (+28.3 per cent). Among the various Mercedes-Benz model series, the compact cars continued to perform well in May. The company sold a total of 37,895 A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-class vehicles worldwide (+19.3 per cent), with 173,318 units since the start of the year (+24.5 per cent).

The E-class models continue to develop strongly. In May the company saw sales of the sedan and estate versions rise by 24.5  per cent to 22,535 units sold. The growth rate for the coupe and cabriolet of the E-class was around 30  per cent in May, with both models selling the most units in their segment.

The strongest growth rates were recorded by the brand's flagship, the S-class. A total of 8,353 customers took over an S-class sedan, almost twice as many as in the same month last year. The Mercedes-Benz S-class is the best-selling luxury sedan in the world.

A total of 20,696 C-class vehicles were handed over to customers in the last month (py. 27,211 units).

A total of 29,846 Mercedes-Benz SUVs were handed over to customers in May (+16.1 per cent). Since the start of the year, the company has already sold 136,107 off-road vehicles.


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