June 23, 2014

Seat announces Leon X-Perience - driving fun on all roads

The most beautiful estate car in its class is ready to hit new places. The new Seat Leon X-Perience with permanent four-wheel drive and all-road equipment offers driving fun whichever route you choose. The newest member of the Leon line-up combines emotional
design with state-of-the-art technology, as well as optimum usability with surprising versatility. For an exceptionally high level of performance and safety, there are the powerful and efficient TDI and TSI engines with up to 135 kW/184 ps, latest-generation all-wheel drive and a full array of state-of-the-art assistance systems. The Leon X-Perience will be available from Seat dealerships as of autumn 2014.

The new Leon X-Perience completes Seat's highly successful Leon range. Alongside the dynamic two-door Leon SC, the elegant four-door Leon, the versatile Leon ST estate and the high-performance athlete Leon Cupra, the Leon X-Perience is the perfect companion for an individual, varied and active lifestyle. And, of course, all of this comes with the typical Seat features of exceptional quality and outstanding value for money.

"The new Leon X-Perience interprets our emotional design language in a whole new way. This functional aesthetic, this elegant robustness and safety shows an openness to new ideas. We maintain the youthful spirit with a distinctive feel for the practical things in life," said Jurgen Stackmann, President of Seat S.A. "The Leon X-Perience is the perfect fit for Seat. As the next step in our brand strategy, it will expand and consolidate the great success achieved by the Leon."

The Leon X-Perience is based on the Leon ST and shares its emotional design, exceptional dynamics and versatile everyday usability. With its electronically controlled four-wheel drive, its all-road suspension with extra ground clearance, its distinctive off-road look and individual interior, it offers an added dimension of driving fun.

"The new Leon X-Perience is a true all-rounder and a genuine all-road vehicle. With its latest-generation permanent all-wheel drive, it has virtually no limitations and will bring you wherever you want to go - on tarmac or gravel, in sun, rain or snow. The Leon X-Perience guarantees emotional driving fun and the best possibly usability. It demonstrates its superior dynamics in every situation, with absolutely no restriction to comfort or variability," said Dr. Matthias Rabe, Vice-President for Research and Development at Seat S.A. "Plus, the Leon X-Perience offers outstanding safety thanks to its superb traction, excellent brakes and integrated assistance systems, which extend all the way to ACC automatic cruise control with Front Assist and the emergency braking function."

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