September 26, 2014

Renault Samsung Motors exports Nissan Rogue to North America

Renault and Nissan management participated in the launching ceremony of the first shipment of Nissan Rogue vehicles to North America. A total of 4,000 vehicles, due to start sales as of October in the United States and Canada, were shipped from Busan

Production of the Nissan Rogue started in August at the Busan plant, as planned by the agreement signed between the Renault Group, Nissan and Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) in July 2012. This decision serves as good demonstration of synergy between Renault and Nissan through the Alliance and also shows the quality and efficiency of the Busan plant. With an expected production of 80,000 units annually over the next five years, manufacturing the Nissan Rogue will allow RSM to secure a stable production volume of nearly 30 per cent of its annual plant capacity target and accelerate achievement of its strategic plan, 'RSM Drive the Change'.

"Nissan Rogue exports to North America will serve as the foundation for Renault Samsung Motors to launch new models strengthening its future competitiveness," said Gilles Normand, Renault's Chairman of Asia-Pacific Region.

Pierre Loing, VP, Nissan North America added, "through this strategic decision by the Group, we were able to satisfy the shortage of Rogue volume in North America, particularly the West Coast, efficiently without missing superior quality. It is an excellent case demonstrating strong win-win synergy of Renault-Nissan Alliance."


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