September 08, 2014

Skoda worldwide deliveries increase 14.3 per cent in August 2014

Skoda has achieved double-digit growth again in August. Skoda's deliveries grew 14.3 per cent to 73,200 vehicles (August 2013: 64,000). This was the best August in Skoda's corporate history. In Western Europe, the brand grew by 14.5 per cent, in China by
19.1 per cent and in Central Europe even by 32.4 per cent. The brand's European market share rose for the first time to over 5 per cent (5.1 per cent) in August.

"Skoda is continuing along the path of growth," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

In Western Europe Skoda's deliveries to customers rose 14.5 per cent to 24,500 this August (August 2013: 21,400), with the market share increasing to 3.8 per cent. In Germany, Skoda grew by 18.8 per cent to 10,500 vehicles delivered (August 2013: 8,800), and are building their position as the strongest foreign brand in the region. In the UK, the manufacturer achieved growth of 18.5 per cent, selling 2,600 vehicles (August 2013: 2,200). Skoda also achieved double-digit growth in Sweden (1,200 vehicles; up 14 per cent), Belgium (1,000 vehicles; up 44.8 per cent), Spain (800 vehicles; up 13 per cent), in Norway (700 vehicles, up 26.8 per cent), Italy (700 vehicles; up 14.9 per cent), Greece (200 vehicles; up 18.1 per cent) and Portugal (200 vehicles; up 83.3 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, Skoda delivered 10,000 vehicles to customers this August (August 2013: 10,500). In Russia, Skoda increased their market share to 4.2 per cent, selling 6,800 vehicles (August 2013: 7,100). The brand achieved significant growth in the countries of Kazakhstan (900 vehicles, up 127.7 per cent), Romania (600 vehicles, up 62.3 per cent), Serbia (300 vehicles, up 11.2 per cent), Bulgaria (200 vehicles, up 48.1 per cent), Bosnia (100 vehicles, up 32.2 per cent) and in the Baltic States (500 vehicles, up 41 per cent).

Skoda's sales were up by a third this August in Central Europe. Deliveries to customers increased 32.4 per cent to 11,200 vehicles (August 2013: 8,500). In their Czech home market, 5,900 customers opted for a Skoda - that is an increase of 33.2 per cent compared to last August (4,400 deliveries). Skoda's market share in the Czech Republic grew to 42.2 per cent in August. The brand achieved excellent sales figures in Poland (3,000 vehicles, up 30.5 per cent), Slovakia (1,300 vehicles, up 44.6 per cent), Hungary (500 vehicles, up 20.1 per cent) and Slovenia (400 vehicles, up 49.4 per cent).

In their strongest single market, China, Skoda grew 19.1 per cent to 21,600 vehicles sold this August (August 2013: 18,100). The brand also recorded significant growth in Israel (1,300 vehicles, up 15.5 per cent), Taiwan (200 vehicles, up 127.4 per cent) and New Zealand (100 vehicles, up 89.2 per cent). In India, Skoda delivered 1,000 vehicles in August (August 2013: 1,500).


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